Wyze Ignoring the 5 Min Cooldown Feature

The 5 min cooldown is a loophole to these cameras, I love my Wyze Cam until 1 of my Wyze Cam attached to my garage is stolen, My camera failed to capture the person who took my camera because there was a car passing through that my Wyze Cam captures first so I never get notified after that. Lucky it was just my Cam, what if the thief is eager to break in? This feature has been requested a million times and was never became their priority. I am going back to my old Arlos for now, at least I get notified every time.


flash the RTSP firmware, stream to a NAS device on your network. If cam is stolen, you’ll have the footage…problem solved :slight_smile:

I can probably do that, but not everyone has a NAS drive like my Grandma and it defeat the idea of having affordable Security Camera if she needs to buy a NAS for that purpose, also the 5 mins cooldown is a bummer, anything can happen within that time frame and it might be too late if worst scenario occurs, so basically a reliable notification if quite as important on every Security Cameras.

I can see why you would be concerned for your Grandmother’s safety and well-being. There is a #roadmap topic about this that may interest you, Paid subscription for cloud storage

With that said, please keep this in mind. The current Wyze devices are not sold or marketed as security devices. They are sold as smart devices. Please see Section 3 (Limited warranty and disclaimers) of the “Terms of Service

I get what your saying, and agree it would be nice to have a shorter cooldown period. But if you look at it from the company standpoint, imagine how much cloud space would be required if the cooldown was set at let’s say 1 min, it would be enormous. I get why they set the cooldown to 5 min when they’re providing free 14 days of cloud storage. Hopefully someday they will offer a premium option.


hey… for 20 bucks we can not complain… if I need more features I would look for a more expensive system. And as mentioned before you can always flash your prefered software … there are several options out there already.

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the cool down period can be lowered to 1 minute if you use the wyze motion sensor to trigger the camera. that has a one minute reset period.

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The problem there I believe is that the motion sensor would trigger the camera to record to the sd card. If in this case, if the camera is stolen, the sd card goes with it.

that is correct, but that was one upside of the implementation of RTSP. you could get the stream to a home storage system. the reason they have to use the 5 minute cool down for the clips is because the cloud they go through doesn’t have a linear price scale, so even with growth of the system up to this point, they are unable to make it financially feasible to shorten the cool down. they are considering a paid storage option. do a quick search for any of the numerous ideas for paid storage and if one strikes your fancy you could vote for it. but between RTSP and voting for paid storage, those are our only options currently.