Wyze Hub Ideas

I noticed that this is marked as researching. @WyzeGwendolyn is this still the case? Is Wyze still looking at make a “Wyze Hub”?


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This is still the case but I can’t make promises about it at this time. It is definitely under discussion at Wyze. :slight_smile:


That’s very good to hear! Thank you :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome!

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I would like to have available an optional Wyze hub. This would allow me to connect my Wyze devices to on central hub so that if and when I swap routers I would not have to go through the task of reconnecting all Wyze devices. Right now I have 9 active devices and am planning more. With a hub I would just have to reconnect the hub. All other devices would remain active.

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With the frequent Amazon Web service outages and updates affecting sensors, triggers and notifications, this hub must climb higher on the research list. We need a way to keep these issues from happening. I would think an in house “server” at my home would do this.

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We see mostly Amazon Echo Show or Google Home Smart Display as popular ones as hub to connect all Smart Home devices. How about Wyze coming up with a Smart Home hub to connect all with a beautiful display or through an app?

With the Lock requiring a gateway, and the chime requiring well a chime I would love to see a “door combo pack” where they could be combined so as to only take up 1 outlet instead of two.

Realizing that no one likes a collection of hubs for all their various smart home devices I think it would be nice to have an “offline” hub available for times where the systems are experiencing downtime or in the case Wyze would cease to exist (hopefully not the case).

Would like it to be able to manage rules, schedules, sensor inputs from Sense etc. and sync with the Wyze cloud network.

While I lack the programming skills to know how exactly something like this could be useful 1) as a redundancy to current systems and 2) to help alleviate the load on the Wyze systems by possibly having the hub do a portion of the cloudS work for those who purchase it.

To clarify by offline, I mean connected to the home network, and ready to take the place of the cloud for certain aspects. Not offline as in standalone.

It’s probably not the most popular item that will pop up here, but I think it would help solidify the investment some of us have made in Wyze systems as the company continues to grow.


I’ll share my personal opinion why I am not adding a single additional device, Wyze or other brand, to my network without having a dedicated hub that all my Smart Home devices connect to which is NOT my Router.

After many recent “conversations” with my ISP in regards to slow speeds, they finally admitted that they throttle my network speed per device that is connected. So having 3 computers, Cell Phones, Tablets, 5-6 Cameras, Smart Doorbells, Thermostats, Appliances, etc that all connect to my router rather than a dedicated Hub, I have, at times, almost no upload speed. This is possibly a common practice with other Service Providers (shameful though it seems to me), and I have to believe that it would be hugely beneficial to have a single Wyze device that connects my Smart Home to the internet.

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In your case it might also help a lot to have an additional router in place before your ISP router. That way all of your devices would present under a single MAC address and your ISP could not d___ you around without additional extreme measures.

it all depends on how deep into the headers they want to dig there. I am looking at putting a NAT up between the modem and router to give that exact appearance, but need to see how that will impact everything else on my network.

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So with all of the devices in my house, it strains the wifi, i think all devices should run through one device that then runs through wifi, eliminating 21 wyze devices all at once fighting for my gigs, and instead, only having one device in charge of sending responses. An alternative to this may be at least upgrading the bulbs to be mesh, allowing them to connect to each other (witch is also a huge motivating factor, having all of the lights turn on at the same time not all randomly)

Are you prepared to discard all of your existing devices to make that happen? Because otherwise you’d be creating a parallel WiFi network which could cause more, different problems.

A true base station that connects ALL the Wyze devices in the home together and also acts as the central hard drive and local CPU. Unlike Wyze Cam Outdoor’s disappointing “base station,” the Wyze Hub would have more processing power and above all, does not need to be physically tethered to the modem or wireless router.

The hub would support up to 500GB (or even a TB) SD card and acts as a hard drive that stores not only all the images and footages captured by the cameras, but also render them quicker and easier to access remotely due to having more raw processing power compared to the onboard CPU of each individual Wyze Cam.

More importantly, the hub would store the Wyze programming and device instructions locally to ensure that even in the event of internet and Wyze server outages, all local Wyze devices such as Wyze bulbs will continue to function.

Lastly… admittedly wishful thinking, have a sim card slot to accommodate mobile data to enable basic remote functionality in the event of residential internet outages.

Would be willing to be up to $50 for a Wyze Hub!


THIS. My growing complaint about Wyze products is how individual products require they own hubs to connect to the internet. It makes sense, and having a couple products isn’t bad, but people who are really committed to Wyze are going to have a bunch of random peripheral devices around the house. With the upcoming new version of Wyze Sense, I see this as a great opportunity to release a stand alone Wyze Hub that connects Wyze Sense, Wyze Lock, WCO, and future Wyze products. I, personally, envision this as a wall-mounted device that would resemble a home security system hub where you can have a screen to view current status of different devices and POTENTIALLY view live streams of your cameras around the house. Having this be compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa would be very important, too. Apple HomeKit would be awesome, too, but that doesn’t seem to be realistic at the moment since no device is compatible, yet.

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Maybe not likely this time out? If it does the kind of unification we’d want, that standalone bridge is going to cost a lot more than the current Sense line.

I agree, so far its the outdoor cam hub, the wyze sense v2 hub, and the wyze lock gateway. The great thing about the sense v1 hub is that it was completely hidden and integrates right into the a v2 camera.

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Base Station: Introducing Wyze Protect Home Station! Featuring a built in siren, the wyze home base upgrades your Wyze products into a a team of security! You can arm and disarm whenever you want! And from anywhere.
Features: Siren Activates In arm mode incase of break in
Home Base Station Operares on a battery incase of power outage
Othe features depending on Wyze

Has some of the features I am looking for, will just have to see what makes it to production launch.