Wyze Hub Ideas

Cannot speak to the development of a hub, but I have seen where Wyze is participating in the Matter Standards, which is a good thing.

Kind of sad how Insteon just shut down without notice to their customers. Although we cannot predict the future and I understand your concern, I believe Wyze to be a reputable company and am not concerned about the same thing happening. IMHO


So was Insteon until it wasn’t…

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I too believe Wyze is a reputable company. I’m sure given their openness regarding their financial problems last year that they will give us plenty of warning. That said, my concern is that if Wyze should find their business model to be unsustainable thus forcing a shutdown, I’d be stuck with a third set of “bricks” (I already have much $$$ tied up in useless Iris and now Insteon devices).

True, I know a lot of individuals who had Insteon. Sad they did not even give a notice.

If you’re nervous about what happened with Insteon, and who isn’t to some degree as they aren’t the first and they definitely won’t be the last, then buy equipment that doesn’t run on proprietary standards as well as rely 100% on cloud connections.

I’ve been a Wyze supporter for quite some time, and while I love the gear I’ve got from Wyze, I will probably be moving on from their cameras, switches, and other actual smart home gear because it is not developed on an open standard (like Zigbee or Zwave) and it requires a connection to the internet to do anything. Wyze is a great way to get started into Smart Home tech, what they sell, for the price they sell it at, is great. You’ll never hear me say otherwise. HOWEVER. it doesn’t scale, I can’t create rules that when I arm Home Monitoring turn off the lights. No 4k Cameras. etc. it’s nothing against Wyze, it’s the evolution of what I am trying to do.

Oh, and to the question that was asked about a “Wyze Hub”, double check, but I believe they rebranded the old Home Monitoring to Sense Hub 2.0 when they launched Cam Plus Pro.

I too was caught in the Iris shutdown, that is how I originally found Wyze. Iris refunded everything I had purchased that could not be moved to another platform. So I was refunded for cameras that would no longer work, but all my other Iris things are still in use with a SmartThings hub.


Here, here.

Product Request: Wyze Home Hub/ Wyze Sense Hub PRO

Greetings all!
I had the idea earlier today that Wyze should make a sort of hub for general smart home control. It would be something similar to the Google Nest Hub, just specific to Wyze products. The idea is that it would appeal to more serious Wyze users, the ones who, like me, own lights, cameras, sensors and the like all around their property.
To put a twist on the idea, however, the product could lean more to the side of being a Wyze Sense Hub PRO, something that contains a touchscreen and simple UI for accessing, controlling, or managing all Wyze devices. Its main purpose would be a more serious version of the current Wyze Sense Hub, but it could also have the ability to control other Wyze devices, like the Robot Vacuum, Garage Door Controller, etc. I don’t believe settings integration would be necessary for these products, just the ability to view them or use their basic functions. On top of that, it could contain a camera itself so that, if you walk through your front hallway where it’s mounted, it’ll record a video, just like other home security systems.
Altogether, this product would be a very premium product that would be an available upgrade to the Wyze Sense Hub.
Thanks for your consideration!

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I agree with the general idea of a smart home hub. However, for broader adoption (and in anticipation of the pending Matter protocol), I’m thinking that the hub should at the very least support Matter protocol. I would prefer if it supported connections with as many smart home products as possible. It would be wonderful to have a hub to control all devices from that is compatible with Wyze products. There are plenty of hubs on the market (SmartThings, Hubitat etc.) but non are easily used with Wyze products. Let’s have a hub Wyze… please and thank you.

Nice idea !

For much faster response time and dependability, to be able to run the Wyze switch, plugs and light bulbs locally through the Wyze Sense V2 hub.

Stop hogging all my outlets, we need a Hub…

I’m increasingly frustrated with the amount of different base stations I’m having to plug in around my house to make my Wyze devices work. A lot of us early adopters have been excited to see the product lines grow, but there doesn’t seem to be any logical progression of an eco system… Instead it seems we’re just getting a lot of one-off products thrown out into the Wyze shop in a haphazard manner.

Why do I have a different controller for my home monitoring, my video doorbell pro, and my door lock…It seems logical to me that there should be some sort of a base station for the Wyze eco system.

I was considering buying a lock/doorbell combo for my back door, but the idea of having to find somewhere to plug two more base stations in has prevented me from moving forward.

Am I missing something in the roadmap that will bring these products together in a way that makes sense?


Don’t hold your breath. Wyze simply will not respond to this suggestion, and I know you and I aren’t the only people who think it is ridiculous not to use a hub. Any smart home has the potential to have limitations on the number of connections…in my case, my internet is via cellular router (hotspot). I migrated to Simplisafe when putting in security on my new home. I will just leave my Wyze behind with the new sucker…err, owner.


In addition, all these individual devices are eating up my router’s ip addresses. I’ve already had to upgrade it once to a unit with the ability to support 50 devices simultaneously…

I am hopeful there is someone with a little foresight and they are pushing Wyze to work on a hub… in my fantasy world they are waiting to release with a MATTER announcement… but alas I’m a realist and like @PNGento I’m not holding my breath…

Wyze hub integration is a must- Please respond Wyze. Hub, Hub, Hub

I have searched Wyze hub and it seems the consensus is that Wyze will not or does not respond for the idea of a hub to control the many hub devices. I use the light bulbs and the cameras and it is ridiculous to have this many items running on my wireless router. I have upgraded to the point of… I’m not buying anything else Wyze until this is remedied. And I have purchased my fair share. Come on Wyze! Bring us a hub.

Use Wyze Sense Hub to communicate with Wyze devices

I LOVE using motion sensors with light switches to turn the lights on as I enter rooms. However, since the motion sensors have to make an internet round trip, the delay is too long. I’m well into the room before the lights turn on. Is there some way to have the Wyze sense hub just communicate directly with the switch to lessen the delay between motion sensed and light switch turning on? This would also allow my rules to be able to run even if my internet goes down.

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I ended up purchasing the Eufy Lock Doorbell Camera combo. It has a keypad and fingerprint scanner built in, and uses one base station/chime. Its a lot more expensive than the Wyze offerings, but the build quality is incredible.

Wyze lock and doorbell got moved to the back door and I’m starting to merge over to the Eufy eco system, their base station isn’t a hypothetical, and allows external storage, and enables some cool features that Wyze doesn’t have.

The next purchase from them will likely be the flood cam pro since the wyze floodlights are trash…and the email survey they sent out about sacrificing features and quality for a few dollars off of the purchase price further drives home where the Wyze brand priorities are right now.

I am disappointed that Wyze does not sell the Wyze Sense Hub as a separate item. I wish to use it with the Wyze Sense Climate monitors only, not a full home monitoring system

agree that a hub is needed. As I have integrated cameras, outdoor plugs, Bulb Color, Bulb BR30’s, and outlets my Wyze App crashes every time I make any kind of change. I’ve noticed it takes 5-10 seconds for the app to open and be ready to take commands. I think a hub would help out.

I have an iPhone 13, iOS 16.2, most current Wyze App, and more than 60% of storage available on my phone.