Wyze Home Monitoring Service with keypad, sensors, and 911 dispatch

Allow the products to contact the police for security purposes if necessary.

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I sent an extensive email to wyze in regards to home security. To me it only makes sense if they would venture in that area. I have the cameras, the sensors, light bulbs, the plugs and now I will have the lock…basically all we need is some kind of monitoring feature and some sort of a response team/company . Those are my 2 cents. I am a big supporter of wyze : )

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Hello,I’m new to Wyze and love their products but does anyone know if Wyze will offer 24hr home monitoring in the near future?


I am not aware of anything that they’re doing with a 24 hour home monitoring type security system. But I can’t speak for Wyze because I am not a Wyze employee. We are hoping that they do a talk like they did last year where they told what the roadmap was for the year and what they planned on getting accomplished. obviously you have hiccups and things don’t go exactly to plan but it’d be nice to kind a know what they’re thinking they’re going to do this year.

I doubt it.

Wyze is a Do-It-Yourself monitoring company© :grin:

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I wish Wyze would make a security kit like the nest secure or the ring alarm.


A security system of a sort. At a minimal a siren similar to what someone had did last year.

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Considering there is a Wyze contact sensor and motion detector why not expand the use of the product to Wyze Alarm system for monitoring with physical keypad for turn on/off as well to notifying authorities when needed. Thanks


Plus a way to connect with the police department


It would be nice if Wyze sold a security system. A system that would notify police if there was a break in, a home/away mode, and ability to control Wyze devices from a wall mounted tablet. It would cost $100-150 for the tablet that will be able to control the Wyze devices even without a subscription, and the security subscription would have good pricing (Ring’s is $10 a month). It would add a glass break detection feature to Wyze Cam, and vehicle detection to Wyze Cam Outdoor. The subscription would have the as mentioned home/away mode, ability to notify police of a break in, and fire/carbon monoxide notifications to the fire department(fire and carbon monoxide alerts to fire department would depend on Wyze Cam’s detection of the alarm) Those are the basic things I can think of right now, but add more in the replies if you want them!


I’m new to this Community. The reason I’m posting is because it’s Prime Day. I just purchased the door lock from Wyze, and have been using the cameras, motion detectors, and door/window detectors.
I truly want to be able to have a Security System, and there’s an affordable one on Ring right now. It looks as if there had been one in development for Wyze but it hasn’t happened yet.
Is there any possible way to integrate my sensors and such with the Ring system, if I opt to purchase it? They use what appears to be similar sensors, which makes me hope to not purchase more if I can use the ones I have. If it takes using an Amazon device, just say which one? I have Echo in several places but none of the video ones.
So, if y’all aren’t going to have one anytime soon, would there be a way to make these work together?
Sorry if it’s a redundant request, or if it seems silly. I’m on disability and my income is low, so I don’t want to have to purchase 7 more sensors.
Thank you for any help!

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Welcome to the Wyze community @lightingal!
Wyze will be launching a home monitoring service in 2021(no date set yet). More information here:

Looks as though there will be a Wyze Sense v2 as well.

They did mention this in the thermostat video, but they didn’t release too much about it yet.

I’ve been a big fan but the enthusiasm is wearing off. Is anyone bothered by this quote from the home monitoring information:

“While the current (v1) Wyze Sense sensors will work with Wyze Home Monitoring, the new sensors will provide users with a better, more reliable experience.”

I didn’t realize I was buying all these sensors and cameras and wasting time with support and set-up issues as a non-serious hobbyist project instead of a reliable sensor system. I was expecting these products and the software/firmware supporting them to grow and become “more reliable” as they got the kinks and bugs worked out. Well actually I was expecting them to be reliable from the beginning which they haven’t, requiring many hours of support, resetting up, replacing batteries, failing sensors… Am I missing something here, or has this been a toss away project while they create sensors for “real monitoring” for a real business? If that’s the case, I really object to being part of the experiment without WYZE being upfront about that. I also now don’t feel comfortable mixing the new reliable sensors to come with the old unreliable ones I have currently for monitoring. I also thought the goal was to get to a point where the customer was the monitor and get away from hardware/monitoring nightmares like ADT.

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Would love to see a smart panel that can control the security and other products like cameras, lights, outlets, door locks and shows the time and weather even. I have ring security currently but am just limited to a dumb keypad unlike my old spectrum/time warner cable security system.


I’m with you! I bought the Sense v1 on day 1, and have had a similar experiences, which has been very frustrating at times. Coincidentally, my dumb sense system sent notifications all last night telling me that some of my sensors were low on battery. So I am extra cranky. With the Sense V1 (already obsolete after 18 months???) I have had these problems:

  1. Two contact sensors simply not connecting to Bridge anymore. They replaced them under warranty… but I am guessing these have a 1-2 year lifespan?!?
  2. The alert notifications come 30 seconds to 15 minutes later! If a criminal broke into my house, they have 30 seconds to 15 minutes to do as they please before I will ever know… This is obviously an issue with the design of having notifications go to their server first, and then to my phone. But they could have easily made instantaneous notification noises using the Wyze camera speaker (this has been a feature customers have asked for for the last 18 months).
  3. Going along with the last problem. Both my phone and my wife’s phone have the app. She’ll get a notification, while mine never does… And they have the same exact settings! Crazy.
  4. Sensors not sticking to doors. Some have stuck great, while others I had to put carpet tape on them to keep them up.
  5. Replacing batteries. Some lasted a very long time, Some seem to need to get replaced all the time.

Now we’re hearing that they are benching V1, and going to a new V2?!? After only 18 months?!? I just purchased their Doorbell and their Thermostat. Am I going to find these scrapped after 18 months as well??? I have been a huge fan since the beginning, but this is starting to get a bit painful. I sure hope they test their product better next time, instead of testing it on us first…

There a problem with contact sensors. If the battery goes dead/too low they can loose there MAC address and never be able to sync with the camera again and require replacement. Supposedly they’ll replace them. I’m about to give that a try.

That’s HUGE!!! Thank you for the info. I wish they’d tell us this info. When I got the others replaced, they never said anything about that. They just replaced them. Good to know.