Wyze Home Monitoring (HMS) - Provide service to countries other than USA and Canada

International Home-monitoring

It would be really great If we could activate the Home-monitoring syster outside of the US. I understand that is not possible to activate the NOONLIGHT in another country since it’s a US based securitycompany, but at least we can have a type of security system with siren-motion sensors-door sensors-cameras working all together.
I tried to avrivate the Hone-monitoring syster while I was in Greece so I could reveive notifications when my doors open/close or motion detected and create a rule with the siren, but I couldn’t even start because my location was out of the States.

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Please expand your services outside the US.

Our suggestion for the home monitoring system:

  • Make the security system work standalone as a DIY alarmsystem.

Our suggestion for the Cam plus services:

  • Make them available via paypall. We tried once to activate via a mastercard but because we needed to give an US adres we failed to activate.

Absolutely agree with the idea of home monitoring system as a DIY alarm system.

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Home Monitoring In Australia

Please allow me to use Home monitoring in Australia. I bought the home monitoring kit off Amazon without a hitch. I signed up to a monitoring subscription Ok as well.

But setting up I have to provide an American or Canadian Address. Could you not just stipulate, that in countries where no agreement has been made with law enforcement, they will just call a number provided by the client, or just the client.

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