Wyze Home Monitoring: Consolidated Event Timeline

The process for finding, viewing, and reviewing notifications from cameras and sensors is a mess. I can get notifications on my phone about sensor events, but if I want to see them in the app I have to go to the sensor, and then it’s a left/right scrollable list.

This needs to be simplified and consolidated into a single scrollable (I would suggest vertically) timeline of events that shows all arm/disarm, sensor events, camera events, lock events (if you have it), and any other relevant activities.

I would likely put this into the HMS screen, but it could just as easily go on to the Events screen.

Oh yes! A single timeline would be awesome. Please make it so.


While you are at it, make this activity tracking for any device. Even the thermostat sees when someone, or something, (a pet) passes by. This might be usefull in monitoring total activity levels in a house or other area.

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