Wyze Headphones cutting out

I just updated my Wyze app and headphone firmware to the latest 2.1.112 and I’m still having the same problem. This is basically ruining every Zoom meeting I’m participating in, so would appreciate if there were a fix. Otherwise I’ll have to return these headphones because they’re effectively not functional for me. Thanks for the help!

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I am having the same exact issue, is there a fix to this?
Running newest firmware for app and headphones.

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I’m going with the squeakiest wheel gets the oil model and keeping this thread alive and populated for visibility.

I wonder how all of these YouTube reviewers didn’t have the same issue?


It seems to only happen to a small percentage of people, not everyone.

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I have only one data point of someone who has this unit but has no problem. He uses it solely for making phone calls and has never experienced a problem even with extended use. Like JB’s case, mine have acted this way from the get go. I think JB’s strategy makes sense–if you have the problem, be the squeaky wheel.

Support has asked me to submit a log file of what’s going on, and I will do so after the next time I use them–probably tonight.

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@gpwidin Yeah my father uses the same headphones for calls at work, but only with his cell phone, not desktop. Hasn’t had a problem yet. That’s why I bought them, but they’ve been a nightmare for me. I have to use them wired with the aux cable when the whole purpose of me buying this specific pair was for the bluetooth wireless lol. It’s so frustrating. I feel like it’s cuts out every time a different app on my computer tries to use them, like if I’m in Zoom and then I open Discord they’ll cut out. Or when playing a PC game and talking to friends on Discord they cut out periodically doing the crash, and when they come back from that I can’t hear everything in the game, or can’t hear my friends on Discord.

For me, they cut out approximately every 20 minutes. So 3 times in an hour. In fact, when they crash, I can look on the clock and guess when they’ll be crashing once again. It doesn’t matter what device I am using or program. It makes zero difference. It does it on my iPhone, my iPad, and my Windows 10 Desktop.

I was outside with it connected to my iPhone and was tuned in to Apple Music as I was mowing my lawn. Because of the Active Noise Cancellation, but cuts way down the noise of the mower running which is really nice. But it was crashing even then every 20 minutes. I’d have to stop what I’m doing and get back on my phone so I could start the music back up. Because every time it crashes, it stopped whatever was playing over them. Be it Apple Music or Youtube, or anything else. So you then have to start it back up. It’s just really annoying.

I’m emailing WYZE currently to get another one. So I just sent them all the info they asked for. It’s not a very speedy process. See what happens. I’ve had this same issue since I first got them. I Pre-Ordered these things. Everything else about them is great, but Crashing every 20 minutes just screws up the whole experience.


Yeah I agree it’s so annoying because I love everything else about these. I’m going to try swapping headphones with my dad today to see if the same thing happens with his pair. Also finally got a response from Wyze 2 days ago

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I am having this same issue, just wanted to add to hopefully get wyze attention to it. Hope they can fix it, I love the headphones otherwise.

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Im also experiencing issues. I use them for conference calls on my macBook and they disconnect on me at least once a day, but then they reconnect right away. Very annoying.

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Yep - same here - disconnects every 20 minutes when using in AG (not stereo) mode. Makes them useless for meetings, so I’m back to ear buds for those. On my set, this didn’t start happening until the latest production firmware release.

I’ve not had the problem in stereo mode (when playing music).

I submitted logs and filed a ticket. “Forwarded to engineering” then radio silence. I haven’t heard anyone chime in about results on the early access channel, so I assume no fix is in the works. :frowning:

Well, I just found this page and no headphone issues are even acknowledged. I guess that says it all - headphone users aren’t a priority.

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Well, it took a little bit, but I have a new pair under the Warranty that I just received today and am now testing on my iPad in both a game and streaming YouTube. It seems to be Good. I still need to test my Windows 10 Desktop and make sure it’s good on that also. But so far it seems good. I need to send the bad headphones back to them. Box everything back up and send it off. That was simple to do. I’ll use the same box they shipped these new headphones in.

So if there is a firmware fix for the issue to come out at some point??? Maybe after testing bad ones like mine, they’ll have the answers? It’s not a fast process when filing a ticket. At some point, they’ll get to you. As far as I know, the headphones are still out of stock, so replacing them under warranty I assume will be limited to as they have some to do a swap with,

I’m been using these new headphones for about 2 hours on my iPad problem-free so far. Where the other ones crashes and rebooted up appox every 20 minutes.


How did you go about get a new pair under warranty? Please enlighten us all!


Mine crashed while wired today!! So frustrating. I didn’t think they were connected to Bluetooth on anything either.

I’m still waiting for an update on my case from Wyze. Hope I can get mine replaced as well.

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Here’s what I was told by Wyze Support in an e-mail today.

Our engineering team reviews each log to test and improve our products and the Wyze app. At this time, we are unable to process a replacement as they’ve received your log, and are working to see your issue resolved in a future update.

Frankly, I don’t find this too satisfactory. Apparently support and engineering don’t talk to each other, so support can’t do anything right now. I think waiting for 10 weeks for a resolution is enough.
We’ll see what happens next. Meanwhile, I also received a glowing ad from Wyze in today’s e-mail touting the headphones, which apparently can again be ordered.

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Well, so far it’s not looking good with this second pair. So yesterday I went to do testing with this new second pair and this is my result.

Windows 10 desktop

Moved to the iPad for the rest of the test.

My next test is on my iPhone and see if this set also crashes like the other set. I’m going to assume it does. I just don’t get it. How the F can I get 2 pairs doing the SAME THING??? What are the odds? I’m not doing anything wrong. I’ve been using Bluetooth headsets for YEARS. I have some Orignal, Older AirPods which work just fine that I currently use when I’m not home. Zero issues on my iPhone, iPad or even Windows 10 Desktop.

So I’m at a loss. I really want to like them. Everything else about them is great. But if they’re going to crash around every 20 minutes on anything I try and use them on, they’re worthless. I don’t see how I can get 2 different ones doing the same thing. So I’m going to have to talk with support once again.

So I’ve included a clip below I recorded by sticking my iPhone under the left earpiece and recorded the audio. So this is what is happening around every 20 minutes. This was when I was streaming from Apple Music on my iPad. Not touching my iPad or doing anything else in any way. You will also notice that it never says Power Off. The music is playing, the buzz I’m assuming is the headphones Crashing, and then it powers up and connects without touching any buttons. Then I have to go back onto my iPad to hit play to start the music up once again because when the headphones disconnect, it automatically stops the music from playing. Now imagine trying to listen to your music and around the 20 minute mark it keeps doing this, and you have to keep going back into your device you hit play after!!! I’m going to send an email back with this clip.

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JB thanks for continuing to fight the good fight. The amazing Pink Floyd track interrupted by that all too familiar triggering buzz then crash… really sums it up. I’m convinced this must be a fixable firmware bug. Wyze, please resolve this! This is unacceptable for a product you just today pushed out a marketing email for, and a smear on your good name! Do right by us and either issue refunds, replace with working sets, or push a working firmware patch! I submitted a ticket 4 days ago with no response. I hope everyone else does as well so we can get this some much needed attention.

Let me say, 4 days is not a long enough wait. It took a couple of weeks before they responded to me!!! I went through the time to make that clip. I had my Wyze Headphones connected to my 12.9" iPad Pro. Ran an audio recording app on my iPhone and stuck my iPhone, the bottom end where the Mic is, between my left ear and the Wyze Headphones, and just let it play the music. The only thing I was doing is sitting there and holding my phone to my ear.

Then I trimmed it down to the important part. That is what you hear. I’ve touched nothing on the headphones or the iPad. It makes that loud crash sound, then says Power up and then connected. Of course, since it’s crashed, it’s disconnected from the iPad which stops the music, so I have to go back into the iPad and hit play once again. Imagine having to deal with that approximately every 20 minutes!!!

Who could put up with that? Hey, it just did it again right there!!! You missed that one. Really, it just did it!!! I’m sending the original ones back. They including a shipping label and so that is not costing me anything. But I have this new one that is doing the same thing. The odds seem really, really high to have 2 pairs doing the same thing? Unless it’s from the same defective batch? That seems slim. The same thing on 3 different devices seems impossible to me. I do have a Samsung Tab A 8" Tablet, I’m going to try that next. Crashing on Windows, Crashing on iOS, Will it crash on Android? My guess is YES, but I’m going to try it anyway.

I was thinking that maybe it was an issue connected to both the Windows 10 Desktop and the iPad at the same time, and so I removed it from the Desktop. It didn’t help.


You have to go and file a support ticket.


That’s interesting!! But getting a new pair didn’t help in my case. Exact same issue. So it seems something else is going on as it’s not happening to everyone. Why us? What do we all have in common that is causing this issue?

I attached the clip I made of it happening. This is from my second pair. It’s just as bad as the original one. I’m going to assume it’s some type of firmware issue. Something is getting screwed up, where at such a point, approximately 20 minutes it just crashes and then resets all on its own. I didn’t think about trying them WIRED, but that is a good test. You’re not using Bluetooth as you are wired and it still did it. Ummm,…

But again, my new pair didn’t help me at all. So replacement seems pointless. At this point, wait for a firmware fix, or send them back for a refund. I would still report having an issue now than waiting around for a fix. I did reply to my support ticket that the new ones are doing the same thing and attached the audio clip I made. So I guess we will see what happens.

Waze Crash #2.mp3 (202 KB)