Wyze gear for sale

I was a big fan of Wyze till I got burned with the dead V1 sensors. I have abandoned the Wyze platform and the two V1 cameras that operate do so out of Tiny Cam. Unfortunately I have two V1 Wyze motion sensors as well as two packs of 4 Wyze contact sensors. All are in the box sealed and brand new with the manufacturer seal. Also have 3 Wyze bulbs (plain white) also brand new. Anyone interested?

Depending on price, I’ll take them. DM details, please.

Thanks @terryhonn Please note that these are new and have been sitting in the box for years so they might or might not work. I have not tested them or opened the box. Also not trying to make any profit on these, I just want what I paid and will pay half of the shipping as I reside in Canada. Will not sell these individually as I want the suffering to be over with. Prices in U.S. dollars



Sorry for any misunderstanding, @Snash , I didn’t consider that you were wanting full price for these, I assumed you were wanting to unload at a steep discount. With the possibility of them not even working and not knowing what 1/2 shipping would be from Canada, there’s too much risk for that price.

All good – should have mentioned that upfront. I am guessing shipping will be around 20 bucks U.S. depending on where you are. DM me a best offer and if I don’t get any offers we can make a deal depending on if it is worth it – maybe just best to let them sit.

See DM


The motion and contact sensors still work, as do the bulbs. On the battery-operated devices you just need to heed the warning that the battery is getting low, which is many weeks in advance of any possible issue. So hope someone gets a good deal on these. :slight_smile:

The V1 sensors will work on the new Hub, as well as the old Bridge.

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Sorry – All are sold – got a fair deal