Wyze garage door controller, camera does not show up on Google nest hub

I just got the google nest hub max and got it set up so that it shows all my cameras, but it does not show the new V3 camera that is part of the controller in that group. I read some similar posts but even trying to add it in as a separate camera, doesnt seem to work.

Also, I’d like to make a rule to autoclose the door at a certain time, but have been unable to do that. There does not seem to be an action to close the door.

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While the Garage Door Controller is an Accessory to the V3 camera, it looks as if both Google Home and Alexa Home controls identify the device only as the Garage Door Controller.

Alexa Example, Where Garage is a V2 Wyze Cam Garage 2 is a Wyze V3

Garage Cam 1 and 2 are Wyze V3s with the Garage Door Controller.

You can do this in Wyze Scheduled rules, see below example below

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So does that mean that the V3 Camera with the garage door controller will never display an image under the cameras section of the Nest Hub? Is that a bug or a feature?

Sorry @aquino.bob I cannot speak to the future capabilities of the device as I have no insight, but, I like you feel as if we should be able to use full capacity of both the hardware devices from the Alexa and Google Home platforms.

I’ll take another look at the wish list and see if this exists but do not recall seeing it.

I just checked and there is not a Wishlist Item for this.

This would be an excellent item to add.

Please see my post below referencing what I experienced with the Autoclose feature provided by the GDC. In a nutshell, if the GDC falls out of calibration for any reason, the garage door controlled by the GDC might fully open, then fully close when this rule triggers on a fully closed door:


Thanks @nixhome2020 . I had tried to program a rule when I first got the controller installed and then went on vacation. Got a call from my neighbor that the door was wide open. He closed it for me. I had a Myq controller before this and that issue never occurred.

I too have a MyQ controller and it has been re-employed to handle auto closing door duty… which it did so very nicely at 7:30 am this morning when I had to come back home for something… I parked outside the garage, entered through the now open garage door, on my way out, the door started auto closing… on schedule at 7:30am… and has never auto opened due to being ‘out of calibration’.

I like my Wyze products for the most part, but this issue of auto open to auto close… ranks almost equal to my annoyance with Landscape View For Tablets or better yet, the lack thereof.


Based on the explanation here, it sounds like when a camera is configured as a garage door opener you CANNOT view the camera feed from Google Assistant, but only from the Wyze app: https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/7271461394075-Wyze-Garage-Door-Controller-and-Google-Assistant

Can I see the camera view of the Wyze Garage Door Controller on my Google Home display or Chromecast?

  • No, because although the garage door controller has a camera attached, it is a garage door controller. It is not a camera that you view with Google Assistant, but a door that you open/close with Google Assistant. While you cannot stream the view of your garage door to a Google device, you can still check your camera view via the Wyze app.

That said, I think this is a shame and should be fixed… Without the camera visibility in Google assistant, this is almost a useless feature for things like a Nest Hub, and I’m tempted to just remove the garage door part and DIY my own controller from simple parts.

Please upvote at the wishlist here if you’re also running into this issue: Allow the garage controller V3 camera to be able to display on Google/Alexa smart displays

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