Wyze Garage Cam won’t show events

I don’t have a SD card, but I’ve never had an SD card. I pay for CamPlus to store recordings. A few months ago, though, whenever I click View Playback, instead of going to recorded events like it used, it instead just gives me a prompt that there’s no SD card and I can shop for one.

I’ve tried restarting the camera via the app and via the button. I’ve power cycled it.

I just want what I pay for with CamPlus.

“View Playback” is and always has been uSD card recordings. CamPlus events are and always have been accessed via the “Events” tab.

Ahh, but the “Playback” button is in the events page. That’s what causes the confusion .

But without a uSD card (as stated), that would NOT play from the non-existent uSD Card.

I’m not questioning the intent, only the presentation. Most people ignore those little icons especially on the small screen. They could have used “SD Playback” to make it clearer.

Edit - Or even grey out the button if there’s no SD card. Wyze seems to grey out the wrong buttons.