Wyze Floor Lamp Upgrades Your Craft or Comfy Zone - 4/13/21

Agree with all the comments on shipping. It’s hard to understand how a lamp that weighs 5 pounds comes to 12lbs shipping. I was about to purchase but that shipping cost… Ouch.

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I bought the light even though shipping was $13.99. I almost did not buy it. I REALLY hope you change from fedEx to UPS. FedEx lost my preorder doorbells and almost lost my Vacuum. It took 18 days to get my vacuum because it accidentally got left in truck and it went from “ON truck for delivery” to “Back to the warehouse”. I called fedEx and they told me the shipper was responsible for reimbursement for shipping even though they admitted it was their fault. I did not call wyze for any reimbursement. I did not seem right.

I plan to use the floor lamp to make my GigaClocks

I have sold them to almost every state in US, Australia and Europe and I use UPS. Very Good service with almost NO lost shipments or damage.


Wow! Those are awesome! where’s your store… That is must have for any “IT” person.

Old boss of mine had one made out of a 2MB platter…


I have recently moved and I shut production down. Once I get my new shop ready and my wyze lamp, I will start production again. I wish I could do like wyze and get 1000 pre- :smiley:orders


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I am replying to the response from Wyze stating that they aren’t making money on the added shipping costs. You will never convince me that it costs you $5.99 to ship a single Wyze camera. If that is factually correct, you need to hire a logistics person to negotiate your shipping rates.

I am assuming they pay people in their shipping department and therefore they are not making money on shipping. Plus their great packaging cost money too. But your right, it does seem high. What about USPS service?

I want… nay… NEED one of those clocks! That is just awesome! Bookmarked for future purchase.

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When I sold my handmade products @10lbs on Amazon without free shipping. I sold 150 during the holiday season. I charged a shipping price that was around $7.00 (3 day delivery) for one item. If a customer wanted two, I combined shipping to $10.00. Once Amazon tried to force everyone to go to free shipping with a guaranteed 2 day delivery, I lost a lot of sales because I had to jack the price up $20 bucks to cover shipping in certain areas. There was no way I was going to make any money by offering free 2 day delivery and cross my fingers that it gets there in two days before a customer wants me to eat the shipping cost or refund the cost of the item. Wyze should negotiate with ups or usps to get a bulk discount or something. You can raise the cost of the item a little but I prefer to pay for shipping (not too much).

Same… On hold? Hurry and move :slight_smile:

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Wyze is going down the drain.

They send me an email that its available to pre-order.
The page says cutoff is 20k units
Current is 14,149
And I can’t order because they are sold out.
I guess I won’t be ordering 3 of them for my wife’s home office after all.

Maybe its the new math, but when I was a kid 14k was less that 20k.
And maybe, just maybe, you don’t send emails to current customers telling them its available when you know they are sold out. Just my simplistic thinking I guess.

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I guess the lamp was a flop limited run. Couldn’t get to 20,000 so they canceled it. The ones lucky enough to get it paid $13.99 shipping and got a retro cardboard projector with happy birthday on it.

I got one, because I can use it for my craft table. Other than that, it is too expensive for a whole room set up and it does not connect to Alexa.

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This meme made me laugh out loud @WyzeGwendolyn :rofl: :joy:

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I always make the same complain… but why your lamps, bulbs, sockets, are not 100-240V? There are a lot of Wyze users that live overseas and can’t buy a lot of your products because they don’t work on 220V.
Or they do? I recently found that Wyze Bulbs are sold as working with 220V…

Don’t know about the bulbs as I don’t own any (there are hundreds of other options. and TBH I have never seen the value of a wifi, color-changing light bulb). But the AC adapters for Wyze cameras are 100-240V. I also note that Kasa and Amazon smart plugs sold in the USA are 100-240V as well.

Well, based on today’s email form Wyze about pricing, it does look like they’ve been listening to the complaints about shipping costs.

I don’t mind free shipping as long as the price is right for the item. I wonder if some of the newer items will have a price increase of $10-$18 which is what some of us paid for shipping before the item had free shipping.

Yes, it does sound positive and that someone is listening. No one is asking Wyze to sell at a loss, but they obviously need to work both on shipping costs and on efficiencies that can be gained by combining multiple items into one shipment

Mind was confused when my 47mm watch did not ship until the 44mm I also ordered was available. In that case, I wasn’t that bothered, but all the weekly “updates” made no mention of this, and it took three back-and-forth messages with “customer service” to have it confirmed. Should have been mentioned in the updates and also in an FAQ

So obviously, Wyze can consolidate orders when it suits them.

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There has been some discussion between users about his, but nothing has been officially announced. According to the product manager, all units sold out. There may have been a bug with the site.


So, can we get a simple answer on the Floor Lamp. Will WYZE have lamps for sale or not. I HATE overhead lights and this is the coolest floor lamp Ive ever seen. So do some simple promos and lets get this thing going.

We will! We are in preparation for our General Access sales now! :grinning: