Wyze Finally Works With Google Assistant!

The only thing we can do is start a stream and send it to the device that requested the stream. Multi streams on a single screens is up to Google. This is not something we can do on our side, simply make a feature request on your behalf.
The switch to “live” streaming and not 15s delayed, we have started to work on it in December 2018 when I asked AWS to support WebRTC as part of the KVS work that they were doing for us (and other companies).

For the light bulbs getting back to a different level, we would have to see if those are Wyze bulbs or not and where the command to reset them is coming from. There might be an issue in the firmware, the Wyze Cloud or the Google Cloud. Hard to tell without more troubleshooting.

I have indeed misread. I’ve correlated Wyze pushing the Nest Hub, yet not having it working for you. That is a bad combination.

It is useful to troubleshoot only if you are able to keep it connected long enough for Google to troubleshoot but considering the holidays, I don’t have a good sense of when they will be able to look into it. Our main technical contact is currently on vacation.

As for the utility of the Nest Hub, I hear you and the most advanced and complete experience is going to be through the mobile app. This is true for pretty much the entire SmartHome industry. The Hub offers a different touch point with the end user, able to surface information differently. For example, it allows to see the camera without having to handle a phone. This could be valuable when timing is and issue or when you have your hands busy. One scenario is in the kitchen when you are cooking and might not want to handle your phone…
Ultimately this is up you and your use cases and I can see how this might not be a device that will bring you ease of use. I’m myself carrying my phone in the entire house so the most complete experience is always available but I do rely on my Echos and Nest Hub for some the operations.

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I understand and fully agree, that functionality needs to be taken up on Google’s end and I’m surprised they have not done so already to make their product more useful.

Thank you for explaining this to me though. The marketing campaign for the Google Nest Hub made it out to be this extremely helpful tool when as you said, it’s just a different touch point with less functionality than the app.

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Any update on doorbell integration with nest hub. My v2 and v3 just works fine even though it is slow to open but doorbell doesn’t work at all. I really need Wyze to integrate the doorbell with google products and especially if someone rings the door bell it should show up in nest hub

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I am having the same problem with my Wyze doorbell doesn’t work with google and Alexa all ways get a black screen with Wyze.com the rest of my Wyze V3 and Wyze Pan new version works fine


@Frederik I’m having issues linking my Google Home with Wyze. I get in the Google Home app and try to log into the account, and it’s like the login page stalls out. Can you or anyone else give me any feedback? I’ve tried restarting my phone, deleting both apps, I deleted all of the Wyze devices (like the forum tells to), and now I can’t get ANYTHING back in my Google Home. Help!

I"m not saying it is but we are in the middle of a couple of changes in the back end to make the credentials more reliable. I have to see with the team if you difficulty might be due to that change. I know they found an issue this afternoon when working with Google on that transition.

I will pass your issue to engineering and see if they can give me some feedback. In any case, try again tomorrow. Hopefully, you just got caught in a bad timing and this is not something more serious…

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Ok. Got confirmation from engineering that what they re doing is on separate servers so you should not be impacted by their changes. This is not a good news. :-/
This means that something else is happening.

It’s very likely going to end at the same place but at least we might have a chance to capture a timestamp and some extra info to try to see what is happening.,.
Can you try again to link the account in the google home app and capture the timestamp and DM me your Wyze account email address and the timestamp?

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Is it me or is the ability to view cams through Google chromecast broken still? Have unlinked & relinked account, clear app cache but still no success. This is all I get.

In the google nest hub I still can’t see the doorbell even after the update. He keeps giving WYZE on the screen. Is there anything else I can do or try?

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I have three speakers with a smart display. After the last firmware update, the sound stopped working on all three speakers from Google Home Max and only from V2 cameras. I have two V2s and the sound does not work on one or the second. The sound itself on the speaker is naturally present and there is also sound in the Wyze application on the phone. There is no sound only on smart displays. The sound on Cam Pan and on cam outdoor works!

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So, after all this time, I still can’t cast my Wyzecam (v2 or v3) to my Lenovo smart clock. They cast fine to Google Nest Hub, though, so at least there is that.
Tell me, is this normal behavior or is something wrong? “Sorry, it looks like doesn’t support streaming from ”

Hi all,

I’m looking to buy a pan v2 to use as a baby monitor. Can anyone please confirm whether the cameras are still timing out after 10 minutes on the nest hub? I’m currently using a Kasa PTZ which works great but it times out after 10 minutes which is incredibly annoying.

For me it seems to vary. Sometimes the stream times out after a few minutes and sometimes my nest hub will stream for like 6 hours straight. I just never know which it will be. I haven’t figured out what the difference is yet.

Ah, thanks, I’ve been reading a few forums which suggest it’s a Google issue with all live streams but I’m not sure.

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I sold all my google products and went with Alexa and no problem anymore

Oh, interesting, so no time out on the Amazon equivalent of the hub? I had read that the time out was an issue with both the Google hub and the Amazon devices

Is Alexa Doomed?

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I’m curious if here in December 2022, is anyone successfully streaming to a Chromecast? This used to work for me, but after not using it for months, I cant seem now to have my Google Assistant stream any of my V2 or V3 cameras to my Chromecast.