Wyze Error Codes (table)

Damm even I am having a similar kind of issue, I have searched all over the internet and even have posted on number of threads on different forum, no solution seems to work. I am really frustrated, can anyone of you here help me resolve this issue, I am very much tired now.

This morning I saw a -1009 error code while trying, unsuccessfully, to restart my v3 cam. I don’t see that code on the list. When I checked for events (I have two v3 cameras and the other one is working fine), I encountered a -1004 “failed to update device list” message. My final observation is that the activation date listed in Device Information for the dead cam is 12/31/1969. Any recommendations for how to remotely get my dead cam back online?

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wow 1969

It was a good year – but I didn’t own a Wyze camera then!

Update: Suddenly the live stream on the misbehaving cam started back up without any voodoo on my part. The activation date is back to 06/26/2021.
Another update: I was once again transported back to Dec. 31, 1969. Although I am seeing a feed from the camera, the Notifications toggle keeps turning itself off, which means no events are being logged.
What I hope is the final update: The camera has teleported back to 2021. Streaming is working, Notifications are working, and Events are being posted. I hope this state of affairs is permanent!



I’m also getting this on my Amazon Fire (2019) running V2.21.12 with one V2 FW 4.9.7,798.
Same cam works with my Android Galaxy’s running 2.23.21.

Got a new one for you: 3044 RequestsTooFrequent aka Rate limit exceeded and IP address banned/suspended (put on probation).

Wyze recently experimented with instituting a new Rate limit per IP address because some Home Assistant connections were polling the service excessively, so those who exceeded the rate limit test were being suspended from the server. Wyze unbanned everyone and gave a bunch of communication on the issue, but if 3044 ever shows up, it would be a good one to add into this Error code list now that we know what it means. :slight_smile:


Could we not PIN this thread? Thank you very much for a very helpful info.

Wyze should post a list of error codes with associated actions to take to resolve. This should be a no brainer. I’ve checked exhaustively but have yet to find one.
Anyone able to help me out?

Can you elaborate on what is missing from the original post at the top to know how to improve it?
I’m seeing that it shows the error code and the last column even says “How to resolve” with links to exactly that.
Have you come across an error code not in that list? Is the suggested fix on one of them not working for some reason?

I get a recurring Error 09 which is not on the list. I’ve also seen others list error codes that are missing. I have a Cam V3 and often get this error when attempting to play back a video clip. I’ve tried for several weeks getting the same error, and then mysteriously it begins to play without the error.

Thanks, I’ll see what we can find out and try to get an update on what to do.

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Missing error code 68 (I get this occasionally when clicking “reconnect” after seeing a -90 error code. I generally get two or three “-90’s”, and then a “68”.



Just got the same -68 after -90 on one of my v3 cams. Had to powercycle the cam and restart the app to get it streaming again.

Mine is actually a positive 68, not a negative 68. I check those pretty carefully. Why developers choose positive and negative error codes has always baffled me. Pick one side of zero and stick with it…

I get error code 2004 when I play back certain events:

I’m also frequently seeing error code 2004. Can anyone tell us what it means?

I am getting error code 20049. There seems to be no information on this.

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What are you trying to do when this error appears?

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Hello, I have restarted the device multiple times. Sometimes the Wyze network appears to go down and then it starts working again.

Can you take a screenshot of the error?

Is it for a camera?
Did it occur when trying to view the camera, or some other time?