Wyze Employee Spotlight - Saurabh Salvi

Name: Saurabh Salvi
Pronoun: He/Him/His
Team: Tech Team (Security)
Role: Security Analyst

1. Why did you choose Wyze (Why Wyze)?

Wyze is one of the fastest growing companies in IoT Space and I feel immensely proud to work at Wyze. I chose Wyze mainly because I get to work with smart and innovative people every day. The best things for me working here are that I get to face new challenges every day, I get to collaborate with other teams, and I am able to understand how my company works and connect to it at the core level. I really enjoy my time here at Wyze.

2. What team are you on and what do they do?

I work in the Security Team. Our main goal is to make sure our Wyze devices, services, and platform are secure. We ensure Customer Data Privacy and Security is strictly maintained and ensure security best practices are followed all the time.

3. How long have you been with Wyze and what do you do here?

I’ve been working at Wyze for the last 8 months as a Security Analyst. I work on a variety of projects here at Wyze. To name a few, I work on service design reviews, product security reviews, and making sure our Wyze Platform is not vulnerable to cyber attacks. I interact with our customers and resolve their issues related to account security or device security. I specialize in Cloud Security and work on developing security tools that help automate processes for our team.

4. What’s your favorite thing about working at Wyze?

I truly enjoy collaborating with other team members. True to its principles, working at Wyze feels like working with friends. Here at Wyze, I get opportunities to develop new skills, share new ideas with the team, and work on their implementation. Additionally, I get to test our innovative products before they hit the market.

5. How have Wyze product(s) impacted your life?

I use Wyze products almost every day! I love my Wyze Cam v3 and its AI services. I completely rely on my Wyze Robot Vacuum cleaning. I use Wyze Bulbs which work with Google Home and Alexa. I use my Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphones all the time - meetings, workouts, and traveling. The best part about Wyze is the Wyze Rule Engine. It allows me to configure my Wyze devices per my location and time. It is super convenient for me to use the location feature on the Wyze app to turn on/off lights when I enter/exit my home. I mean this is TGTBT (too good to be true)!

Wyze is growing! If you’re interested in joining a team of innovators, tech enthusiasts, and all-around cool people, check out our opportunities here: Wyze Careers.

MOD NOTE: If you have a security-related question or concern, please reach out directly to our security team by emailing security@wyze.com. They’re super prompt and care deeply about the security and digital well-being of our customers!


Welcome Savi, you are part of a great Company and one which is bound to grow immensely over the coming years, hope you are ready to be extremely busy… :slight_smile:

It is always great to be introduced to members of the security team, this is a challenging but exciting time we are in. You are in a trusted position which is a necessity to keeping our data secure. I am sure we are in good hands. :slight_smile:

Again, welcome.


I was happy to read your spotlight. Thank you for joining the Wyze team. We like that there is an entire team of employees dedicated to just security.

On a slightly related tangent, it is my understanding from other employees that Wyze would eventually (at some point in the future) love to create some limited access to a sort of public API as long as they can guarantee they can implement it with the appropriate security precautions. I know that probably hasn’t been a primary priority, but if you ever have the chance to help the team ensure the security part of that will be in good shape, many of us would be eternally grateful for any contribution you make in helping that eventually be possible. :slight_smile: Sorry, have to throw in my API endorsement since it’s somewhat relevant, as we’ve heard that ensuring solid security is a main concern with it taking so long. :slight_smile:

I’m sure Wyze keeps you busy with their insane growth in both users and products. Thanks for your efforts, & just know that you are appreciated even if sometimes it feels like nobody ever knows everything you’re doing for us on a daily basis.


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