Wyze Employee Spotlight - Kathy Tuan

Name : Kathy Tuan
Pronouns : She/Her/Hers
Team : E-Commerce Team
Role : Senior E-Commerce Operations Manager

Kathy Tuan

1. Why did you choose Wyze?

What attracted me to join Wyze was the mission to make smart home devices accessible to everyone. Knowing what I do at work makes a positive impact for other people is what gets me up and going. And Wyze is doing just that! In addition, I got a very clear and transparent picture during the interview process of how I can contribute and which areas I will be able to grow in my career.

2. What team are you on and what do they do?

I work on the E-Commerce team! The E-Commerce team is responsible for all the activities that happen on our web and app store. Our mission is to create the best shopping experience for our customers from the second they land on the store all the way until after the products have been received (and when they come back for more awesome products :slight_smile: ).

3. How long have you been with Wyze and what do you do here?

I’ve been at Wyze for 6 months as the Sr. E-Commerce Operations Manager. I lead the operations team to make sure purchases can be made smoothly and the orders flow into the backend correctly before they show up at our customer’s doorstep. I work closely with our Supply Chain team on inventory management, with the Marketing team for growth opportunities, with Customer Engagement to capture customer feedback, and with the Finance team to align business strategies.

4. What’s your favorite thing about working at Wyze?

Opportunity to learn and grow with smart individuals on cross-functional teams. Being on the ECommerce team has given me the chance to collaborate with various teams that push me out of my comfort zone and help me acquire new skills and perspectives in different business functions.

5. How have Wyze product(s) impacted your life?

I have always been passionate about smart home devices but a lot of the products in the market can be intimidating either on the pricing or the installation instructions. Our Wyze Lock is my personal favorite! I said bye to locking myself out of the house for good and the installation was quick and a lot of fun. Some other products I love: Wyze Robot Vacuum (Watson, who is always clearing up Sherlock’s mess) makes keeping our home clean so easy, and at a way more affordable price point than other robot vacuums. I recently became a cat mom and Wyze Cam Pan comes in really handy for me to check on the fur baby when I am not home.

Wyze is growing! The E-Commerce team is looking for multiple Senior Front End Engineers, Web Developers and Designers to join our team. You’d be working with us to push the boundaries of E-Commerce. Check out our opportunities here: Wyze Careers.


Welcome Kathy. Wow, only 6 Months at Wyze, soak up all the knowedge as you are surrounded by top quality individuals as I am sure you are as well.

I have been a Wyze supporter for 3 years, I truly like Wyze’s mission and products. I am looking forward to seeing what changes you will be bringing.

Welcome aboard and never get discouraged.


wish wyze had remote opportunities available


Congrats, Kathy! :slight_smile:

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Nice! :smiley:

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