Wyze "Drive Cam"

Sooooo - I wanted to capture my 8-hour drive through Virginia & Pennsylvania mountains as it was my first time making this trip. I didn’t know what kind of scenery I might encounter and didn’t want the distraction while driving. I was able to set-up the camera (Wyze Cam v3) with a mobile MiFi hotspot and given it all of the commands of how I wanted the time lapse to record… I ran the USB extension cord through the headliner and down the door jam plugged it in. It powered up and ran flawlessly throughout the entire trip (with an installed 32Gb SD).


Pennsylvanian here:
Happy to hear you were able to do something “out of the box” with this and capture the views you wanted to. PA is known for terrible roads and pot-holes so it was smart to set this up just in case your vehicle was to get swallowed up by one of the big ones!