Wyze Doorbell - Which chime wires to bridge?

Which wires on my chime should I be bridging? Is is just “Front”? Because I tried those but didn’t get any power to it.

Unbridged the doorbell just blinks yellow, makes “taking photo” sounds and that’s it. i can’t reset it or get it to scan a QR code.


I’d wait for some more electrically minded folks chime (I know) in to know for sure, but I would say start thinking in the direction of the front pair of wires would connect to the transformer pair of wires with the fuse in line right there somewhere on either the new pair of wires. That isn’t a chime that I am familiar with and want to hold back to much trial and error recommendations due to electrical shock and fire safety. :slight_smile:

Any @Mavens know this one?

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