Wyze Doorbell Pro Firmware Beta Test 5/31/2022

Version: 1.0.66


  • Fixed a time zone bug that caused some regions to be set an hour ahead

Loading it now. Will see how it works



loaded the new FW for the VDBPro. Had to do it from the VDBPro itself as the Firmware update page seemed to go on and not end. I have had this issue before, but it did load without issue.

The only thing I have noticed is that the screen is too high, still functions but in the image, you will see how the settings and back buttons appear to be in the header area of the phone. I marked it in the following image, notice the top of the back button how it is not white and appears in the header. As does the settings icon:

Installed on 1 of 2 VDBPs
Was not seeing a time zone bug before

Had no issues with the update
I will post anything that I see out of the ordinary.

Thank You

Can confirm on Android
Pixel 6

Samsung Note10 +

iOS fits properly


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