Wyze doorbell piece of junk

If it’s a 64gb card did you format with the camera? I know Windows 10 will only format cards up to 32gb, for larger cards download and format with the SD formatter available online. I’d format the cars with that and then follow the instructions on the app. Couldn’t hurt

This is another long shot … I got an email saying update your iOS so Wyze app is compatible . Does that apply to you?

I will try reformatting card again and my IOS is up to date. :woman_shrugging:t3:

My 230 dollar ring doorbell failed after 14 months. I replaced it with a Wyze doorbell. Both cameras were equally easy to set up for me. Ring is over-hyped and over-priced. I do like their lights though.

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Wyze has indicated that they use and support a 32GB card. Yes, the larger ones may work, but Wyze does not certify that they will. Unless things have changed.


So, I had a bunch of weird SD Card issues… and I couldn’t understand what the camera’s problem was. Windows would format the card and see it with no issue, but I couldn’t take the card and put it in the camera. Nor could I format the the card using the camera.

Then I read something deep in some other forum to use “SD Card Formatter”. SD Memory Card Formatter | SD Association

It formats the card correctly for the camera’s and they magically work after that. Give it a try and let me know. It’s solved a bunch of my SD Card issues.

Although, I agree with the grumbling’s of other’s that the camera’s seem to eat SD Cards… I’ve had these cameras for 2 years now and I’ve seen it a couple times. The other times where I thought they died, all I had to do was re-format them with SD Card Formatter and they worked great.

Let me know your results. I’m curious if my luck is universal.

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If I was in the middle of a lake, enjoying a nice day of fishing, I might complain about the big one that got away. The last thing I’d want is some electronic device to disturb the tranquil scene to tell me that someone rang the doorbell 80 miles away.

At 70, I’m sure you remember when you could go out in the boat and fish without caring whether the doorbell rang back home. Sometimes it’s better not to know these things.

Perhaps we should realign our perspectives and appreciate what we once had, before we lose the ability to not care about trivialities.

Agreed. I bought the Wyze Watch and have setup elaborate shortcuts to make everything be quiet all at once.

There is a thing as too much information.


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