Wyze Doorbell Cam - Chime

I purchased a Wyze doorbell camera and want to replace it with my hardwired doorbell. However, I dont have a hardwired chime at the moment (only two red and two white wires where the chime used to be). Can I still hardwire the Wyze cam at my door and As I have an active wires at the doorbell and bypass the chime wires somehow?

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Welcome to the community @zacharyrobertvc . I am a community Volunteer and try to support individuals when I can.

The Wyze Doorbell will not control a Hardwired Chime. If you don’t have one, you can hook it up without issue. If you did have one, you would need to follow the process to disconnect it.

What you will do is either hook up the Chime which comes with the Doorbell. It simply plugs into an outlet and the Doorbell communicates with it, you can have Alexa Announce, or you can set the App up to Call you via VoIP when someone presses the Doorbell.

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