Wyze doorbell (March 30 2022) - unusable/slow connection & streaming

Here’s an update after a day or so of use:

  • the longer I use it, the more it slides back to the old habits of being stuck on step 3 of 3.
  • rebooting the device seems to fix it for a few hours

I was really hopeful this was the fix, but am not so sure anymore. I do understand that it is a beta firmware and hopefully by more people using it and sending logs they can continue to diagnose and correct the issue. It is sad that this device has been in this broken state more than a working state during my ownership period.

Edit: after the first few hours of the new beta firmware where things looked promising, I can now say that it is back to its old tricks of just not connecting. I am beyond frustrated with this thing.

Log 670693

.090 is the Beta. You have to volunteer to be in the Beta Testing program to get it.

Here is the thread where Betas report back findings:

You need to enable the ability to get beta firmware for the device in the Wyze app under account > about > beta program

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Are they deliberately using the word ‘improved’ rather than ‘fixed’? Is that a hint that we shouldn’t expect an actual fix ever?

Certainly up for intrepretation.

I wouldn’t call it improved, it’s different errors, but same result.
Only improvement i have seen, zone detection. Seems to be SLIGHTLY better, but no where near proper or fixed.
After more than 6 months, this what they come up with?

Running for 2days.
So far Doorbell is usable again!
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Awesome! The feedback is very useful to the devs during the Beta phase.

Running 4.125.090 beta firmware for 24 hours. Same issue with connecting (step 3/3) to the app. However, the camera appears to function as expected. It still captures motion, detects people and pets, sends notifications, and the doorbell works. The live stream simply wont stay connected reliably to the app. When the app wont connect I can get it to work again by standing in front of the camera. Also, it appears to work much better early in the morning or late at night. This may indicate an issue on the server side ? Network congestion, keepalive issues ? I have three other Wyze version 2 cameras that work flawlessly.

After running 4.125.090 for a week I have observed the connection issue is between the hours of 7AM and 9PM eastern time. No problems connecting from 9PM to 7AM eastern. This is most likely not a firmware issue.

Wyze…. It’s been months with no fix. When will you decide it’s time to replace all of these doorbells with something different… offer some sort of compensation for a faulty product. A lot of us are pretty invested in this ecosystem and have been very patient waiting for a fix for this. I have a similar issue with the cam v3. Different but similar. I want to use one app… one manufacturer to make having a smart home smarter… but this doorbell issue is about to be the end. Door lock, thermostat, 4 cameras…. All will have to be replaced because of this stupid doorbell……… does this issue exist with the Doorbell Pro??

Wyze updated the app yesterday and who knows what they did with the software on their end. But my doorbell camera is magically working again this morning. Don’t know how long it will last, we’ll see. Only took a few months before it started to work. With Wyze’s less than transparent manner of dealing with issues their programmer causes I was inches away from smacking all of my Wyze stuff with a hammer and buying stuff that actually works from their competitors. Wyse really really really needs to hire at least one more programmer. The guy they currently have needs help.

I am NOT going to update the app on my end until I see what else may be broken with the update. So far it looks like the only issue is that Android users are having trouble with their screen Widget thanks to Wyze.

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Well I lied. The doorbell video is not working - again. Apparently the Wyze programmer didn’t do anything. He probably never reads the forum and doesn’t even know his crap is still broken.

Time to get the Gopro (a camera that actually works!) and my big hammer and make a video of the best thing to do with wyze crap.

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Try setting night vision from auto to on. That fixed my connectivity issues with my doorbell camera. However, the live stream will be in black and white.

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I would watch the video :joy:

I have tried night vision a few times, doesn’t work for me. The camera will connect more often, but to a static image that lasts about 30 seconds or so.

How is this still an issue?!? I was a huge promoter of Wyze, but have had to stop that entirely because of this issue. I’m remaining hopeful, but losing confidence. My doorbell is pretty much useless. By the time I get video to load, people have left my door. Never felt so punished for being an early adopter (preordered mine before release).

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There’s supposedly a fix/patch in beta but it’s been a LONG TIME COMING. It’s right up there with “the checks in the mail”.

The beta to fix it, did very little so. I advise everyone to get replacements under warranty while you still can. IMHO, it will never get fixed.

FWIW, I have this observation to contribute.
Doorbellcam, 3of3 problem, latest firmware. Just like everyone else is seeing.
I have 2 WiFi AP’s (Access Points). One is a lot older than the other, but both are running alternative firmware (OpenWrt, FreshTomato).
If the doorbell connects to the old AP (a Cisco e1200, FreshTomato), it misbehaves every time and stalls at the 3of3 point.
If I block it from using that AP, so it connects to the slightly further away AP (Cudy wr2100, OpenWrt) the cam works consistently (properly) every time.
I just bounced it back and forth a handful of times, telling the cam to restart each time.
100% consistency: It fails on the e1200 AP, works on the Cudy.

While both APs serve all 50 other WiFi items in the house just fine, the doorbellcam clearly seems to have an issue with the e1200. I’m no WiFi tweaking expert, but neither of the AP’s has been reconfigured from their respective firmware’s WiFi tuning defaults.

Hope this is helpful to someone. Maybe even to Wyze in solving this lingering problem.

I am not sure if this workaround below will improve the video doorbell ability to stay connected, but it does make it get unstuck and connected. Mine has not lost connection even once yet using this workaround to get connected:
In the meantime while we wait for a fix, here is the workaround that I found and let Wyze know about:
When your LIVE feed gets to “Step3: Getting video data” and gets stuck, press the gear to go to ‘settings’, select ‘Advanced Settings’, select Night Vision ‘On’ and then ‘Off’, then press the ‘<’ key to go back to LIVE feed and it will connect.
It took me a long time to find this workaround. I expect that it will work for everyone having this issue since it seems to unstick it by going thru night vision mode. Sorry, but if you use Night Vision, you will have to turn it back on. But, at least it is a reliable way to temporarily conquer this bug.
Your welcome. I hope it works for you too.