Wyze Door Lock

I hate to be negative but it has come to that point. I bought the Wyze Door lock as soon as it became available in Feb 2020. I had bought it to replace my August Door Lock. I received the Wyze lock and followed the install instructions to a tee. For both the lock and gateway.
I started to have problems from the start. The screen would show the door was locked but the little icon on the upper right showed open. The lock would not lock automatically. I also had to re-calibrate the lock almost every three days to get the lock working remotely.
I contacted the Help desk,who were very helpful and they finally decided to replace my lock with a new one.
Upon getting the new one I used fresh batteries,as I did with the first one, and re-installed the new lock. It worked for a couple of days and then back to the same problems as I previously had. One added dfect with the replacement lock. While the door was closed and the lock locked, the lcok started beeping like the door was left open for a prolonged time. Not good.
I had high hopes for the Wyze lock but it let me down. I once again removed it and put the August lock back in it’s place. The Wyze lock sits gathering dust, batteries removed, and not being used.
I don’t know if anyone else has had problems like this. I hope that I am an isolated case.v But, if I had to recommend this lock, I wouldn’t. That is based on my own experiences. Sorry Wyze. The lock didn’t make the grade.
John McNamara

Why were you replacing the August? I see a 4.1 rating for 2,209 reviews at Amazon.