Wyze device control with all Alexa devices and Alexa Routines

Yeah, the cameras are more limited on what you can do

With IFTTT and Alexa, you can make a routine where you say I’m home and it turn off the cameras, or say to Alexa that you are leaving and turn the cameras on.
I am using it and it work perfectly.

It’s technically possible if you want to leave a Wyze Plug plugged in, doing nothing. You can turn on the plug when a person is detected, tell Alexa to say “Person detected” when the plug turns on, then have Alexa turn the plug off so it’s ready for next time.

You should go here and vote for a Wyze Virtual Switch. That would allow more robust interactions like this without needing to sacrifice a Wyze Plug for every interaction.

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I haven’t tried it, but you probably can do this with a Google Assistant routine. Amazon Alexa routines are limited to only the actions they allow. Google routines, however, are just like stringing together a bunch of voice commands.

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I want to achieve something very simple. When I leave home to turn on motion detection by the motion sensor, using a Alexa routine. Alexa, I’m leaving… then turn on the motion detection. Or using IFTTT. If a smartthigs switch turns Off (I am Off) … then turn On push notifications on the wyze motion sensor. I am not able to do any of the two above things because the Alexa skill for Wyze and IFTTT are not supporting wyze motion sensor activation and deactivation
Please any idea would be highly appreciated.
Wyze people be wyze… your system has a lot of limitations. It is ridiculous that every time I leave home I should enable manually in the app the sense motion, and disable it when I come back

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I asked the community if this is possible right now, with the existing Wyze software. You moved my post to the wishlist because if I understand well, what I want to achieve is not possible presently. Right?
Why didn’t you say so: Man this is NOT possible right now. Wyze has a lot of limitations, implicitly what you want is a wish. It will be implemented by Wyze when the pig flies…
The wish list is something it will never be implemented by Wyze, like the ST integration which was promised long ago

@titust11, You are correct that this is not available yet. However, being put on the #wishlist does not mean it’s fallen into a black hole. If you check out the #roadmap category, you will see many features in various stages of implementation, many of which are already launched. Most of these started as #wishlist topics.

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I agree. I want that function also. I want to be able to use an Alexa routine to verbal tell Alexa to start recording or stop recording. I start to create the routine, but the all Wyze cameras are grey out in the Unsupported device section of the device list.

Wyze folks… When will this be available?

I just today placed an order for Wyze sensors to trigger the cameras. Now I wish I had not, the feature I want via an Alexa routine does not work.

Can you tell us how?

I read through like 80 posts saying they couldn’t do it. Then you come in and say it’s easy and dip.

What did you do?

Tell me please so I can do it also.

Would it be possible fore Wyze to confirm this and if so, publish a support page on how to do this?

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What he is talking about is utilizing IFTTT and Alexa. What you would do for example is create an Alexa routine for when you say something it would trigger an IFTTT applet. So in his example you say ‘Im home’, this would trigger an applet in IFTTT that would turn off the WYZE cameras.

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Thanks. I had no idea IFTTT was an app on the phone. Now that I’ve downloaded it, it makes sense. A little detailed how to explanation from the beginning for other Wyze Users I think would help.

Thanks again

There’s like 70 comments of people saying they can’t figure out how to do this.

I am aware of what he said.

I am asking how.

I want to replicate whatever he did.

I need more than “create a routine and make it work”. I’ve tried that unsuccessfully already and it sounds like everyone in this thread except for iair007 has as well.

If you know how. Please let me know, because it’s much harder to turn this on inside of my “Alexa, I’m going to work” routine than I am capable of understanding.

I am looking for my Wyze Pan Camera to turn ON inside of my leaving the house routine and turn OFF inside of my “I’m Home” routine.

Thank you for your time and help with this.

I think this is what you are asking for…

First, create an IFTTT applet where the trigger is to say something like “Alexa, trigger camera off” in the Alexa service. Make the action to turn the camera off in the WyzeCam service.

Then edit your Alexa routine you run when you come home. Add an action to the routine. Scroll down to IFTTT and tap on it. Then select the IFTTT applet you just created.

Save the modified routine.

Now when the routine is invoked, the applet will run as part of it.


Question. Have tried to use wyze contact sensor to turn on and off smartlife light switches. I can use alexa routine to do and it works instantly. However. When door closes the light instantly goes out. I have attempt to insert wait time in alexa routine…lbut it always puts wait after the action not before. Door closes, sensor closes, wait 5 minutes, turn off lights. Has anyone got this to wor or have some other advice. I solved by using motion sensor…when motion sensed turn on lights when cleared for 4 minutes tuen off lights…but would like to use contact sensor instead.

You can do that with a Tuya compatible contact sensor with just an automation scene in the Smart Life app. You can find them on Amazon for about the same price as the Wyze sensor.

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Thank you

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You absolutely can do that, send me a screenshot of your Alexa routine. I’ll see what your doing wrong. Just PM it to me.

I will take u up on your offer. The sensor is at my vacation house and i deleted. I will reactivate when i go back in a month and send you a screen shot. The upshot, no matter what i do in alexa routine, the wait command always winds up at the end of the routine. Appreciate the help.