Wyze deadbolt advertising

In the advertisment you show a Wyze deadbolt installed on a door with glass panes. You should never install a deadbolt with only a knob or lever on the inside on a glass door. break the pane, turn the knob and you’re in. Glass/Glass pane doors should have double key.


No way! It makes it impossible to leave your house in a fire!

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It depends on your states building code.

Egress doors shall be readily openable from inside the dwelling without the use of a key or special knowledge or effort. - Massachusetts Building code R311.2

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A bit confused, sorry. How does it prevent you from leaving your house? It is a simple deadbolt, turn the knob and it is unlocked. I am sure I am missing something here.

I think they mean a double key lock that you need a key to unlock from the inside can prevent escape in a fire.


Ahhh. Thanks. Got it now. Wasn’t thinking about the glass window being there.

that’s why you keep a key hanging out of sight, but within reach (from the inside) of the door. I’d be more worried about a thief breaking the glass and walking in than not being able to open the door with a key during a fire.

Welp, I wouldn’t be having a glass door then…

Well, it may be best to build yer house with no windows. Perhaps, just buy an old closed down strip club, and, live there.

Seriously thou, this is one reason why I sleep next to my gun.

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Never is a strong word.

  • From a security standpoint it’s an easy bypass. Break the glass, turn the lever.
  • From a fire safety (or other escape-emergency) standpoint, it’s dangerous to have locks that cannot easily be opened by all types of individuals (sleepy, child, senior, etc). Even if the key is nearby, that delay can be deadly.

In fact, the Wyze lock which logs when the lock is open or closed is probably still an upgrade. More importantly. If you need that level of security, don’t install a glass door.

I’m not bothered by the imagery but it’s a good reminder that security is many layers and sometimes breaking the glass is the easiest option for a determined attacker.

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