Wyze DashCam

Ive been saying this is a must for years! Wyze please make this happen!

I’m going to try to rig a version 4 camera up in my car. I may 3d print shade hoods to prevent glare from the sun and window.

I know you have a mount but i don’t think the flat mount will work well on my windshield.

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This has been a request for the past 6 years. I think “later” has arrived.

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Careful, it doesn’t just say later, it also says “maybe”… So If we tell them later is now and to decide now they could just decide to update it to “probably not” and avoid considering it in the future. :scream:


After receiving my V4 cameras, I replaced the V3 Pro that was being used a forward facing dashcam with one of the V4 cameras. It is working just fine as a dashcam. In the process I changed out my driver cam which had been a V2 for years with a V3. the V3 Pro will become a rear facing camera when I have time to get power to it.