Wyze DashCam

Along with creating a Dash Cam, what about a camera the can be used on a motorcycle also? I know this asking a lot but you have come up with great, easy to use products so far.

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Actually the bit rate is More or less okay it’s the frame rate that’s the problem. it only records at 15 frames per second which is fine for security camera type stuff but for fast moving things like in a vehicle that’s where you want those higher frame rates. 60fps would be the best. However that does mean four times the storage required for each second, so you’d really want a higher capacity card like 128 or 256 GB for any meaningful retention. that being said generally for this use case if you got in an accident and you would probably pull that footage right away so you could get away with 64 GB or even 32 if you were diligent.

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Internet Gig drivers such as Lyft, Uber, and Food Delivery Services , taxi drivers, Limo drivers, shuttle bus drivers, and parents of school children would all feel safer having a dual-facing car cam to protect them.

Ideally it should be unnoticeable, like attached or built into rear view mirror. It should record short periodic videos with forward lens to establish cars location. Then when someone in rear speaks or senses motion it switches to rear wide angle lens to capture the person(s) in car and recording continues until stops speaking or no motion. Video is uploaded into cloud recording which can be viewed by anyone driver or parent shares access to.

Shared users with access should be allowed to view live video from their phones to ‘check in’ on driver at any time. The device can be battery powered using USB port from Auto. It can gain internet by using driver’s Internet Hotspot connection from their cell phone.

When you drive for a living, your car is your home. Just like your home, it needs a camera to provide additional security.

For parents who let others use their car to bring or pickup kids from school, its priceless

Yes, please, a dash cam that can be easily removed. Soon, before I croak.

Retired Geek and a very senior citizen.

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Been a LOOOOONG time user of your products, picked up the outdoor cam and just pre-ordered the doorbell which is great. Just occurred to me while scrolling through Instagram tonight and saw and an for a dashcam. Wyze was my first thought! If anyone could put together an affordable platform for a dashcam solution it’d be Wyze.

This is the one the jumped out at me:

Just thought I’d throw that out here. Really been wanting one and I’d love to keep supporting your company.


The industry is rejecting this, but: I presume many people want to avoid wires and the difficulty of permanent wiring. I assume a battery could last all day. Why not a battery operated cam? Click out the battery at night or when low, charge it over night like other things, click it back in when you go back to the car. Keep record on a chip that you can click out if wanted.

Just curious if anyone else would buy dashcams if offered. I would most def try one out!


Yes! 100% agree. Love to have them tackle this need with the same value and functionality :+1:

A Wyze dashcam could be great…they already have most of what they need. Just a proper firmware and changes to their hardware. But if they are already sourcing sensors for their other cameras, this would make total sense.

A WiFi dashcam you can save footage to via the Wyze app would be pretty awesome. Even better, if the camera is powered on via hardwire or in general, auto backup “starred” footage via CamPlus.

An important thing when manufacturing dashcams is using a super capacitor instead of a battery because of extreme temperature environments.

The new Yi dashcam looks promising, maybe Wyze can tag onto that production and modify the firmware.


I really like all wyze products, I just wish you would add one more; you already have half of it, the only thing missing is a display and a suction cup.
The Cam v3 would be perfect, just add a display and it would be a great dash cam.
Put me down for 3 please
And if you want to get a pro version then add a battery like the outdoor cam so when the car is off it still records.


Thank you


Count me in. A Dash Cam would be very nice. All other Dash Cams are terrible.

I would Soooo buy a Wyze Dashcam for each of my cars, if they were to become available. I would love to see the camera have a 360’ field of view.


The problem with dash cams for most people is installation and wiring. I’ve always wished for a wireless dash cam that just sits on the dash in a weighted, non-slip “bean bag” type base. A Wyze outdoor camera tweaked for use as a dash cam would be fantastic - I’d prefer to take it with me, charge it and use it in whatever vehicle I’m in. A simple start / stop button and looped recording would be fine for me - and simple. Wireless charging would be a plus!!


YES!!! Looking for a Dash Cam for the front AND back… but small/discreet and without a on the back display. Users can access the APP to control it - like Wyze cams. I don’t know why so many have a big display and look like a camera or phone?? Wireless would be preferable for sure!

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Yes please make a wyze dash cam that can record wirelessly and hardwired, with the ability to view the camera from anywhere via the app using a wifi hotspot or a Sim card Inserted. :heart: And for fun throw in your new siren built into the v3 :ok_hand::muscle:t2:


I agree completely, but I would ask the price to be held to less than $100 for a 360 degree ‘kit’.

Why doesn’t someone work with the car companies to get them to put a power-USB port or two in the rear-view mirror assembly (Onstar etc)? This would solve the wire problem. They could even offer a retrofit kit. And while they are at it, why not put one at the top of the rear window?

At that point, I would want to see the car manufacturers just build in dash cams into the front and rear.

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Good thought, but: there is tons of competition, many options, and many prices on dashcams. GM is not one to buy something at a low competitive cost and then pass it on to you—they would mark it up to high heavens.

Any UPDATES on the WYZE DashCam? We have the WYZE Outdoor that can record without wifi internet, but we do not like the resolution of the Outdoor Camera. The V3 looks so promising to be a dashcam!

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