Wyze COVID Respirator or other life saving parts

Design medical supplies to help with the covid outbreak. Make them cheap. I will happily buy MANY and fund R&D

To be Made in China?

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Welcome, but they are a SOFTWARE company. That’d be worse than them designing a lock for my front door… oh wait

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China is beating the coronavirus and historically is a low cost manufacturing hub, so yes that’s a excellent idea.

Great, software can be used to control and monitor the simple electric motors that are required to run a respirator safely.

I don’t want these folks writing software responsible for keeping me alive. :slight_smile:
A little too buggy for me.


Hi, everyone.

I’m going to remove some comments here for being off-topic of Wyze stuff. We are looking into ways to help during this global crisis but I haven’t heard of us aiming for respirators yet.


What about making ventilators for hospitals?
Enhancing PPE for this COVID19 pandemic?

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Wyze is much too small of a company to be designing and manufacturing like this. The ones doing this are billion dollar companies with their own dedicated manufacturing plants.

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Wyze doesn’t manufacture anything. They are a software company. Wyze hardware products are manufactured in China and rebranded.

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I was wondering if Wyze could use their manufacturing connections to mass-produce ventilators based on this UCLA student’s design using common hardware parts. I realize it’d need FDA approval, but I also think New York might be less concerned with approval since they’re already doing things like splitting their existing ventilators.