Wyze Contact Sensor Housing stain/paint

Has anyone stained or painted their sensor housing to match the door?
I’d like to disguise the contact sensors a little against non-white doors. Anyone attempted to color the housing with a stain or paint to allow the housing to blend with the door color?

I dont think they would stain very well. Might try some simple paint or nail polish if they are that much in the open. I like them being obvious.

I spray-painted mine with Plasti Dip (a removable rubber coating), as I have all my Wyze devices so far. Blends in well. I didn’t want the light, so I masked it and left the mask in place:

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I have used enamel paint on many V2’s without issues. Temporarily plug indicator light hole with a toothpick. Hobby stores have a large selection of paint colors in small bottles, in both acrylic or enamel. I have read that acrylic paints do not work well with some plastics. I don’t know that from experiance.

In my case the problem with them being obvious is that they’d be easy to remove. I want to mount it on a safe so it wouldn’t be high enough up to make it inaccessible. Putting it inside would be ideal, but 1) I haven’t been able to figure out the mounting logistics, and 2) not sure if the signal would pass through the safe walls to keep it connected.