Wyze Contact Sensor Garage Door Placement?

In a hurricane area you are not supposed to breach the surface of the hurricane rated door panels.

Be careful.


I used duct tape.

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these are all awesome ideas re: physical location…now, I am looking for help w/ how to get a notification if open after a certain time of day - lets say 9:00 pm…I have a bad habit of leaving my garage door open at night. anyone solved this problem yet?

I used ifttt to setup some conditionals. So if the time is after 8pm and the last state of the garage door is open, trigger some action.

thanks - I haven’t used ifttt - any specifics you can share or can you even share the “recipe”? My whole objective here is to keep this thing simple…


Here’s a post I wrote that offers a couple solutions: Garage door left open notification - #4 by bigbee

Very nice implementation of the strap hinge conact sensor mount. The long arm of a loose strap hinge along with earth’s gravity means reliable operation.
Victor Maletic.

Nice printed implementation of the hinge mounted contact sensor.
Victor Maletic.


I had been using @AaronR print for the last 9 months or so and had a few people reach out to me to print it for them. I asked for Aarons permission which he recently responded and gave it to me. After printing 1 I was a little inspired so I designed my own…

there is a link to the thingivers file and to my Etsy shop in the description of the video for anyone that wants one if you have a printer or not.


Nice job on the redesign! I like it!

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Does it work good on the hinge considering its one print not two parts?

yeah it swings really nicely and it is very strong considering that it doesn’t have to be forced together like it would be if it was printed in two pieces. At the very beginning of my video you can see it swinging as the garage door goes up and down. Also at about 1:30 in the video you can se it swing pretty effortlessly.

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Did you print it in ABS considering that the sun in the summer on the garage door might cause it to get very hot? PLA would probably just melt/get mushy

no it is PLA I live in St George Utah with a south facing garage. had Arrons PLA bracket up in the hottest months I didn’t see any warping.

if it is an issue for another though i could print them in ABS and ship them new ones. But I am pretty confident that it will be fine.

I’m going to print one tomorrow in ABS and see how it goes. I’ll post some pics once its done.

I know PLA has issues in the sun as I printed something for my car and it got destroyed on the first sunny day.

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Hello Lachlan

You have a very nice simple one-piece design that removes alignment issues. This design could be used on metal mailbox doors. The design would have to be modified a little to make it resistant to rain. The swing-away part would have to be an enclosure (5 sided) for holding the sending unit, the magnet would be attached to the fixed part. The enclosure would be a protective shell that covers all of the rest, making it very sleek looking. The sending unit could be loosely held in the protective shell via a keeper wall (maybe like a baby kangaroo in a mother’s pouch).

To change the battery, the outer shell would be swung out and upward 90° or more, (if the shell’s top surface is sloped downward a little - this downward slope could also help shed rain water). The sending unit would then slide out into your hand, if resistant to free sliding, some sticky tape could pull it out. Or a small hole could be created in the bottom surface of the shell to permit pushing out the sending unit with a tooth pic.

Presently, some removable caulking could be used to seal up water entry points in the sending unit to adapt your design to the outside of a mailbox door.

Again you have a nice design.

Victor Maletic

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Thanks, I really appreciate that. Also that is a good idea I will try to thank about that one. One thing that might make that difficult is actually printing it. Some designs print better then others. Not saying it isn’t possible just needs to be thought through.

However you should really get into 3D modeling and printing. It is a really fun hobby. Since you have ideas you would probably be good at it.

Yes, I think printing this in one-piece is a challenge. Perhaps printing it open and shell cavity down would work. The pouch partition within the cavity would need consideration, or maybe it could be a separate snap in piece.