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What is the best way to get someone from Wyze to speak with me to help resolve an order issue?

Since the 28th Oct, my order date, I’ve sent numerous e-mails, received one factually incorrect e-mail, and the phone number always says I need to call back and simply hangs up on me.

Please can someone at Wyze demonstrate some common courtesy and contact me; I’m tired of continually chasing.


Please reply with your support ticket number and I’ll see if I can get somebody to contact you.

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Order number 246728

Original ticket 130625

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We apologize for this, @scottegriffin. I’ll send this ticket over to the support team now. This should not have been your experience and we appreciate you giving us the opportunity to look into this.

@scottegriffin, I’ve been told that one of our leads has contacted you through the follow-up ticket (137134). You should have an email from us now.

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Yes, thanks for your assistance. Have a good day.


My pleasure! And I hope that you have a good day, too. :slight_smile:

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