Wyze.com error

I’m trying to use my browser on my mac computers.


Probably not. You can always do a simple thing like hitting Control H for history and find all the Wyze references and delete those. This could be tedious. But it is an option.

Just trying to provide suggestions that may work. I Clear my Cache occasionally.

Did you manually add any security certificates like for a modded app or mod site! Some crap emulators can give you problems too!

Never had to add the certificates manually. I deal with issues like this at work. Not to go down a path, but if a vendor enforces TLS 1.2 and your ciphers are not the strong ciphers, then sites could be blocked as well. I use OpenDNS to filter out some requests, but it is not set to full filtering. With that said, I am not having the issues at all with going to the Wyze site.

Given how things are changing with the Internet and security, is it possible the VPN used did an update which required some additional security to be in place.

As stated above, I clear my Cache every so often to ensure things are cleaned up. I use Chrome as my browser and normally use a Chromebook. I will test on my Mac tonight and see if that makes any difference. I will check Safari and Chrome on those.

So at one point, I did nothing and the issue disappeared.

This week, I had to fresh setup my home network. And it’s back.

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