WYZE color bulb, April Snow w/V3

Gives it a nice extra cold look… Don’t like the weather in Indiana? Stick around it’ll change. 67 degrees 2 days ago… Today 2 inches of snow.

The grass is so green… wait a minute

The floor is lava

Yellow still looks white… I had one qeued up about the neighborhood dogs marking my backyard… but no go. :grin:


That is awesome!

Well played.

I’m in the state above you, I’m feeling the pain too


I’m over here in Illinois! Once the snow stopped, we had sunny weather. It’s supposed to be back in the 50’s tomorrow. :joy: Go home Mother Nature, you’re drunk.

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You’re going to drive Santa’s raindeer crazy. :deer: :laughing:


Disco time


I love snow…IN THE MOUNTAIN PEAKS (where I can ski/snowboard and where my water reservoirs, etc are all stored), not down in the valleys where I live and drive and walk and work, etc.

My daughter said she loves snow…I told her next year she can do all the snow shoveling and we’ll see if she still likes it :slight_smile: She said, nevermind… :rofl:

Just please keep that bad weather misfortune on the eastern half of the country…leave the global WARMING side of things where I live in the west.

Thanks, much appreciated.


And here in Wisconsin, we got nothing. :grin:

Love the light show, BTW. Is that color bulb outside or next to a window?

Wow - that looks awesome. Snow in April, amazing.

It is outside.


Already melting away this morning.

Guess I spoke too soon. :upside_down_face:

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Yep snowing here again today sigh Just not accumulating