Wyze color bulb 16 million colors...How?

Using the color wheel to set the light color, I see about 10-15 distinct colors. So where do the 16 million colors come in? Obviously much of this is marketing as I doubt the human eye can distinguish between so many similar shades, but I also don’t think the color wheel is calibrated that finely so moving it a fraction of an inch with the green area will actually change anything. Or put another way, I can move my finger a small amount and the color does not change at all.

I suppose if you enter color codes you can create more colors that the color wheel cannot produce, but really 16 million? I am skeptical.


I know how the math works but I do agree the human eye may not be able to differentiate that many colors. Using the math however you have red, green and blue leds, each one with 256 shades of color. 256 x 256 x 256 = 16,777,216 therefore 16 million colors.


I guess my question is really how do you activate more than a handful of those colors? The color wheel on the app is not sensitive enough to activate more than 10-20. Has anyone figured out how many “hot spots” there are on the color wheel (points you can touch and which will trigger a different color than another point)?