Wyze cold proof

Ok. My question is, can Wyze motion and entry sensors be used in a detached garage? Just built a new garage and it not attached to my home. We do not yet have electricity connected yet, due to snow and cold. There is no heat yet so it will get cold, real cold. Other than that, it is dry. I would rather not have to go with other options if I don’t have to. Will Wyze work in cold temperatures?

Absolutely. I have a contact sensor on my detached garage door and a motion sensor inside.

As long as they aren’t too far away from the Wyze Sense Hub (required), they will work.

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Here are some tech specs of the sensors you mentioned. I am guessing you mean the v2 Sense sensors,:

V2 Entry Sensors

V2 Motion sensors

Although there is risk operating devices outside their intended usable range, i’ve had luck in my unheated garage with the entry sensors for a long time. Its Minnesota winter and colder than that range right now.


Yep, that’s the answer I was looking for. Thank you. It’s good to hear that I don’t need to supplement with a different brand of security system. Now, I can order what I need and keep my property and family safe. Also nice to know I can stick with a brand that we know well and trust. Thanks again.