Wyze coin

I think it’s time for Wyze to start exploring Blockchain technology. They have a leg up being one of the most affordable cameras around. But what about its ability scale to higher demands. Over the year I have used the product I found that the transactions per second are relatively slow. I’m confident they are working day in and day out to remedy this issue. But why work so hard when open-source blockchains await such a fresh new product. The Ethereum network is a great platform to create smart contracts to the wyze platform. it’s stable, and 2.0 coming soon will allow for instant transactions per second.

Wyze could create an Initial Exchange offering (IEO) on top ten crypto exchanges to more funding for larger products. Imagine, the Wyze coin, crypto backed security network on the Ethereum platform. Raise six million dollars or more to achieve a larger base and more secure platform for anyone who currently owns a wise product.
Anyway if the team cares…email me!!! I’m a blockchain freak with plenty of ideas.