Wyze clueless about Lite/Plus setup

Getting this useless nag by email and in-app notification: " Assign your Wyze Cams to Cam Plus Lite.

Almost there - just a few steps before you get 12-second Event videos and Person Detection!

Hi there, friend!

Thanks so much for opting in to Cam Plus Lite! We could be wrong, but it looks like our system sees that you have some cameras that haven’t been assigned to a plan yet."

I HAVE ALREADY DONE THIS. What is wrong with your software that you cannot detect this?

This is a user to user forum and you aren’t posting for Wyze support. Can you be more specific about what you have done and what isn’t working?

To Forum members, please accept my apology for being in “rant mode.” I do realize this is not a support channel. I should have phrased this as:

“Are other customers getting these useless nags via email and in-app notifications? Seems there’s a disconnect between the actual device status, and Wyze’s monitoring abilities. That calls into question whether, in the event of an actual problem that could disrupt correct operation, Wyze will fail to notify customers.”