Wyze Car & SD Card

Do you need a micro SD card in a V2black cam used in Wyze car? Does it store pics/vids on the SD card? Trying to find where to reformat the SD card when connected to car. Thanks.

You do not need a SD card. In fact, the Car app does not support them. All pics & vids are captured over the air (OTA) from the live stream page, and saved directly to your device.

That’s the total answer for most users. Just record/save from the live stream page. Done.

For those of you that are more advanced and want to make a movie of your adventure, know that recording OTA can have bandwidth issues that affect video resolution. That’s where local recording to a SD card can help.

I haven’t tested the following with the latest firmware, but it did work.

The SD card will not be acknowledged by the Car app in any way, but the routines to record to it are still in the car cam firmware (or at least they were when I tested this). So if the camera was previously set to record to the SD card, you are all set, jump to the last sentence. But if it wasn’t, you’ll need to install standard V2 firmware to set up the camera to record to SD.

When you first load the Car app, you will see a ‘person’ menu in the upper-left corner. Press that, and then “Switch Cam Mode”. Then select “Use Camera Mode”. When it says “Success”, go to the production Wyze app to access the camera and format the card and set it up for recording.

Then go back to the Car app and update the camera firmware back again by going to the person menu on the first page of the car app and selecting Switch Cam Mode > Use Car Mode . That will give you car control back.

To read the SD card after it records a session, you have to eject it and take it to a PC, or install it in another V2.


@Newshound, I don’t have my Wyze car yet. Will be another month before it arrives. If I may impose on your knowledge. Do I understand correctly? We can use the Wyze car app to toggle back and forth between Wyze regular firmware and Wyze car firmware?

We need not save a firmware to a SD card and boot the camera to read the different firmwares?

That’s correct. The Switch Cam Mode menu item under the Person menu (shaped like the outline of a person) will let you switch any V2 cam to car mode, and any car mode cam back to the standard V2 camera firmware.

The only time you should need to do a manual flash is if the app method fails. So be sure to do all firmware changes within easy range of your router.


Thanks. Great answer (That means, it’s what I wanted to hear, LOL).

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