Wyze Car, looking to trade

For one time, I missed an email from Wyze that was pretty important, the April 1 Wyze Car announcement and saw it the next day. If there is anybody out there that was able to order more than one, I would be willing to exchange Wyze Watch, 44 or 47 with a leather band for a Wyze Car. Ordered the Wyze Watches last December, in the meantime, got Apple Watches at an extreme discount to participate in a study and don’t need the Wyze Watches. Hope this is allowed.

Do you realize that one watch with the leather band does not equal the price of a car ?


The Wyze Car was $49.99 plus $9.99 shipping. I doubt anyone trading for a Wyze Watch.


I have two watches and two bands…and the negotiation starts…

The chances of you negotiating a trade like that for the car that they have not even received yet is very slim, even after they have received delivery of the car

Don’t really need any responses unless you are interested in trading or selling an extra Wyze car. Don’t understand why some feel they have to post something that really has no meaning except to boost their ego, apparent;ly…

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Carry on then , good luck and have a good day