Wyze cams on Mesh wifi sytems

Like most on here, it is working well for me. I have an EERO Pro (3 Pro’s and 1 extender) over 3 floors 5000sqft. We have 6 Wyze cams, 11 motion & door sensors, 12 Wyze bulbs and not 1 hiccup. In fact we were on 1 Apple AirPort Extreme and had issues. Got the EERO mesh system and not one hiccup and an breeze to set up.

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I’m using Google Wi-Fi with 3 pucks and 3000+ sqft house. I have a cam and contact sensor in my shed 66 yards away from the nearest puck. (if I thought the pucks could handle extreme cold temps I would put one out there). I have 4 cams and 2 pan cams, 6 contact sensors, 2 motion sensors, and 5 Wi-Fi bulbs. I have never had any problems with any of my items. But note that I do have 1GB internet service. So that might be the reason why I’m able to get over 100mbps out in my shop still.

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I have Ubiquiti’s UniFi Mesh. It is set up with 2 Access Points & covers 4,200 Sq Feet on 3 floors (1 AP in basement & 1 on 3rd Floor, at opposite ends of the house). Both APs support 2.4 GHZ & 5.0 GHZ. Typical snapshot shows 31 active clients, including 3 Wyze Cams. No issues.

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Google mesh. No issues at all.

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Nest WiFi, no issues.

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I recently installed an Eero Mesh network with 2 beacons and my 3 Wyzecams is and bulbs are performing beautifully. I also got a Reolink Eco camera and all these plus my other smart Home gadgets really work well with my Mesh network.


I would highly recommend an Asus AiMesh system. I have experimented with a few routers and found that Asus is the most robust and it’s got the longest range, it may be a bit pricey as compared to others. Well worth the investment. If you want a staple and hassle free system, I would recommend getting one of the Top end routers (Rt AX88u/92u) as the base and use a lower end model(RT AC68U), 1 on each of the upstairs floors, as the nodes and have them connected via LAN rather than wirelessly. You may also want to consider putting 1 of the nodes closer to the windows , so that all your outside cams will have a good coverages. I say this is because while the cams are good, the radio on them are not the best, and are prone to interferences, so a strong signal to them will ensure uninterrupted connections. The Asus System will have no issue handling 20+ devices. Definitely no hiccups! I have close to 40 devices on my system and the router handles them with aplomb

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That’s a bit sad to hear re: Google’s mesh, but I suppose it’s not too surprising. I’m not going to spend hundreds on a mesh replacement though if it can’t supply some sort of monitoring. Then again, my AC5300 wasn’t cheap and they “broke” the monitoring stuff a while ago. But with DOH and DOT coming it won’t matter for long, there won’t be any DNS logs to look at!

I also have an Orbi and I don’t have that issue of the 2-10 minutes to lock on.

I easily have that many devices or more on my Netgear Orbi mesh setup. Zero issues and the speed has been phenomenal.

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I have a Eero Pro Mesh wifi system using 3 beacons working with a total of 9 Wyze Cams—4 Pans and---- 5 version 2 cams. 2 Wyze plugs and 2 Wyze bulbs, along with 4 contact and motion sensors.
Our home subscribes to Verizon Gigabyte internet service running a double-NAT 'ed configuration.
I had to manually configure 6 cams to the 2.4 ghz and they’ve stayed connected. These cams are working fine with 65 other connected devices around the house.


Thanks to everybody for posting their experiences with their mesh systems :slight_smile:
So i finally decided to try it out but i have to say i’m, not impressed !

Scenario; 160 smt house on 2 levels + 120 smt recording/rehersal facility in another building , distance from my home 20 max 25 meters.
SETUP: Microtik hap lite router →
→ 2 Xiaomi Repeater 2’s on same floor as the router (1st floor) 1 inside and another outside on the stairway that sends the signal to the ground floor and the studio.
→ 1 Xiaomi Repeater 2 (ground floor)
→ 1 Xiaomi Repeater 2 (recording/rehersal facility)
The recording/rehersal facility gets it’s signal from the Xiaomi on the stairway (B)
°Ground floor: 2/3 cell phones + 1 tablet.
°1st floor: 1 x V2 cam , 5 cell phones, 1 tablet.
°Recording/rehersal facility: 1 x wyze cam + sense bridge + 2 contacts + 2 sensors. + 2 pc’s (not ever working together and only online when software needs updates) . + 1 cell phone (always) . i don’t share the connection with the musicians. + I Sonoff Mini (works with eWelink & ifttt &Wyze, Turns on lights).

With the Xiaomi stuff the connection at home is ok ,i only have a couple of dead spots but of no concern to me or the family. The wifi signal downstairs is good and the amazing thing is that i can get a connection 20 meters away to the studio and make my wyze sense kit work!!
Now I tried this scenario with a Tenda Nova m3 , i placed the 1st and 2nd node in the same position as the Xiaomi extenders on the 1st and ground floor . Result good coverage of the 2 floors but zero coverage of the studio, maybe i was asking to much but i’ve seen vids on youtube claiming that outside sheds at 40 mt’s away got the wifi signal! is that [profanity removed]? i couldn’t get the signal at 10 meters let alone 40. Do these mesh units just prefer 5 ghz?? I’ve found that nothing works with 5 ghz, signal is not strong enough to go through walls!! i’ve made a simple layout of my home and studio.
The red figures refer to the 1st floor and studio ,the green to the ground floor.
I did believe they would extend the wifi signal but mine don’t ,i get more juice out of the Xiaomi, am i doing something wrong!!ImmagineWYZEMESH

This is a snapshot taken from the wyze cam from the stairway (Labelled B) that is looking at the building of the studio facility (labelled C), the studio is on the 1st level too. The Xiaomi Extender is hidden next to the Wyze cam on the stairway.

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I have no experience with that brand of mesh.

My experience is with Google Mesh.

As I said, I have a 42000sft (approx. 4000 smt) factory spread in four side by side warehouses and using 8 units have it all covered having wifi everywhere and more than 30 cameras in and out working with it plus several computers and cell phones using it.

I think you will need some more units in your case, maybe becouse the walls and you specific construction.

I would try setting up another extender mid way to the studio.

Good luck.

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Just went from an Att with two AirTies and a box of troubles to Eero system with Base, 3 pods and flawless connectivity. 3300sf, 110 year old house with plaster/lathe, 3 stories and about 55 devices. Fast and smooth and inexpensive.
Highly recommend!

I am so confused here…With all of the time people have put into writing reviews based on your request, then you choose an off brand no one mentioned with little information available on the Internet…let alone all of the personal stories people shared with their success with various brands. Seems like eero and Google would have probably worked better based on the 50+ reviews…, I really don’t understand this choice, but each to their own. Good luck

I’m sorry but you are so wrong , i suppose you didn’t read everything and that’s ok,

that one was Posted by BradCA. All you have to do is to go on youtube , you will find tons and tons of reviews. I chose that one cos all the reviews and real time tests had been positive, so i’m the one here that is actually confused by your postbut that’s fine !

Anyway back to the point, as an afterthought and more detective work i now better understand why i’m having minor results, i just have to add more nodes, at least 2 and i’m done.
A mod edited my last post, don’t know why…sorry if i broke the rules !

No rules broken, just confused by the decision. I have used a Tenda WiFi router before for my mother-in-law’s townhouse (but she has 1 PC) and it didn’t cover well, IMO it is a get what you pay for situation. I also had a similar experience with a cheap Luma mesh network system (they are no longer in business). The experience has been vastly different with my eero. Like I told you, I have an eero pro and 2 beacons covering 500smt across 3 floors with a stucco exterior.

Like I said, good luck.

That i know, I have learned so much from all your postings , i have also learned that every house is different and every person has a different situation. Through this topic and actually testing a system on the field I have also come to better understand Mesh wifi, realise what i really need and how to make the most of what i buy . I favoured the Tenda only after reading all your posts and doing some research. Put simple, just the MW3 kit on it’s own is inadequate for my needs, i thought i could get away with just 3 nodes, my wrong!! ,
i would have to add at least another 2 nodes to cater for my demanding present asnd future needs. I am thinking of getting the bigger brother
The Tenda is cheaper than most systems but they cope quite well, They are big sellers here in Europe. From all the reviews i’ve checked they get pretty good ratings, that’s why i got this kit. Anyway I gave the MW3 to my brother in law, he has less coverage needs and a smaller house and it works fine. I will add his setup to the list.

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I have 3 EERO Pro’s in a 3600 sq. ft. brick building after using an Apple AirPort Extreme. Strong enough to reach parking lot 75 feet away (I checked it out using a Mophie power brick). Waiting for a weather sealed Wyze Cam to take advantage of that range, There are some solar panel solutions elsewhere in the Community Forums that will help make it happen. Best to all!

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