Wyze Cams no longer associated to Wyze Account after being powered down

Hello, I am in the process of moving and I have disconnected 3 wyze cams from the power for a period of at least 2 weeks. Of course they have been showing as offline which is expected, however, I looked at my wyze app a day or so ago and now the Cams are no longer associated to my APP at all. Is this expected? It’s fine, I can add them all back to my account but was just wondering if there was a time-out period where if the CAMS are not plugged in for some time, that they will be dis-associated from the APP/Account?

Not that I’m aware of, my cans have been offline for 3 weeks due to network issues, and still show up in my app. Try clearing your app cache in account > app settings. Also try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.

If they are still gone, make sure you have 2fa enabled and change your password.

Did you, by chance, use a different email account?