Wyze cameras

Where is the best place to buy Wyze cameras? I see that Micro Center has them for about $25

Right here from Wyze, left top of page ,Shop

Thanks, I see they are on sale too. Do these cameras have to be connected to wifi in order to function?

Yes they have to be connected to wifi - and of course, you should buy right here from Wyze.

I have read on here that people are using them for a dash cam (after they activate / set them up on wifi) and having good luck with it.

I checked your website and yes they are cheaper there. I found out about Wyze cameras on Micro Center’s web site. At the time I posted this question about where to buy I didn’t realize that they were available on your website. Heck I didn’t even know about your website. Hadn’t even heard about Wyze but I’m becoming a fan. I have a handyman business and that’s one of the things I do is install security cameras and alarm systems for residential customers who don’t want to pay a monthly fee.

A lot of us found out sort of accidentally and love our cameras. You’ll find the forums vey helpful too. Welcome!

After the cam is set up, You can record to the SD card without WiFi , you would have to connect to WiFi to view what you recorded on the app or , take the SD card out and view it on a PC

I am have a question about the Cam Pan version and the USB power cord. , before I buy. How do you prevent the cord from wrapping around the cam when rotating?

I don’t have the Cam Pan, but the 360 degree rotation is only 180 degrees from center each way, so at worst the USB cord would be pulled around to the front on one side or the other, the camera can’t rotate 360 degrees in one direction and wrap the cord around itself.

The power cord for the Pan plugs into the base. The base does not move. The camera body does. The plug that is USB size on the back of the camera body I read was for future peripherals

Good to know :). I’ll just show myself out…

Sounds like I need to get a Cam Pan, you know, for research purposes… :smiley:

Be careful. Before you know it you will have a full fleet of Pans and V2’s all over the house, inside and out.