Wyze camera V2 will not hold its position

As the title indicates my Wyze camera V2 will not hold its position. Actually, all 9 (soon to be 11) are very loose about their horizontal axis as well as their vertical axis. The verticle axis was fixed by simply tightening the hinge screw (directly beneath the camera) a bit tighter.

I tried tightening the two screws on the bottom of the V2 by the SD card slot and the reset button thinking they might be a pressure clamp or something. They were a little loose anyway. But no help.

Searched the Community and did not find anything, but Cam Pan stuff. My Cam Pans seem to be just fine.

Thanks for your Help & Suggestions

A Small tab of clear plastic, cut ,from , any blister pack, slide it into the gap between the camera housing and the part that rotates that will tighten it up,


GREAT IDEA! Thanks !!!