Wyze Camera Trips Simply Safe Motion Alarm

Hi, we have a Simply Safe alarm with motion sensor and recently placed the Wyze camera next to the motion sensor and now the alarm trips immediately after locking up. If we unplug the Wyze camera all is well. Has anyone experienced this or know what’s going on ?



Looks like the SimpliSafe motion sensors are passive Infrared (PIR) detectors with a field of vision of 90 degrees that detect motion due to temperature changes. Maybe the heat from the camera is setting it off. Is your camera a V2 or a Pan? Can you move the two further apart? They say they’ve designed the sensor not to be tripped by small animals on the floor, so making the camera a smaller object (further away) may solve your issue.

A second thought is if you have the motion sensor installed in a corner, I believe they mostly sense what is below the sensor. That may give you a safe area to mount the camera above the sensor.