Wyze camera security not to be trusted!

I purchased my Wyze Cam 1080p Pan in 2020. I do not have the camera set-up with any add-ons and am not using much of the built-in features. I use it largely to monitor the entry / main room interior of my residence while I am away (I reside in an apartment building). When I am home, the camera is manually turned off by me and physically turned to point at the wall behind where it stands. There is no one else in my residence and I have not shared the Wyze pw, wifi pw, or any other account information with anyone. I’ve long suspected that the camera was being turned back on after being turned off (thus, the additional step of physically pointing it at the wall). Last night, I finally got the proof I needed (who knows how long this has been going on). I awoke late at night to discover the camera on and panned away from the position I had left it facing the wall. In other words, it had pivoted on its base so that the camera was no longer facing the wall. Now, I’m not a high profile target, so either the entire Wyze suite of security features are worthless, or Wyze employees are randomly targeting customer accounts. Either way, the camera is now unplugged and going into the trash for good. I have absolutely ZERO faith or trust in this company any longer. Oh, and for those who might wish to suggest that the camera panned on its base after a standard firmware upgrade, no this was not the case either. The unit had been turned off (was still showing off on my phone app when discovered on) and had panned away from a physical camera POV that I had manually placed it to. Good luck with your Wyze products…

First thought would be a power interruption. On a Pan camera that would result in what you observed.


That is an excellent point, though no power interruption occurred last night. There would have been indications of such an occurrence in various clocks and other electronics in my residence.