Wyze Camera Offline

I have tried everything I found online to fix offline camera. When I open app on iPhone, it says camera offline. I would greatly appreciate any suggestion on fixing this as I love this tool to check on my dog. TY

I have a similar issue with my Wyze camera that is located at a second residence 1,500 miles away. I have upgraded the firmware and tried restarting the device several times that seemed to work for a time and now it won’t restart anumore and I get a message stating that the device is offline. Wyze support basically said that unless I am physically at the camera location to do a factory reset, I am out of luck. Now this defeats the whole purpose of purchasing a Wyze camera to monitor a remote location, so I guess a word of caution to future buyers is to not purchase a Wyze camera for any location that you are not physically able to access.