WYZE Cam V4 offline issues

My WYZE cam V4 kept going offline. I reset and troubleshoot and was not able to solve the issue. Cam was not able to read the inserted micro SD card. I formatted and reinserted the micro SD card into my cam. Cam is online.

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I have heard an abundance of praise for the v4. I was thinking of buying one, but I ran out of windows. Sorry to hear about your woes. Hopefully you opened a ticket with support, to document your findings.

You may want to provide more details about your issue. Include type of app os, version of the app and version of the firmware.

This forum is mainly supported by volunteers, so be gentle. We didn’t make the cams but we have experienced your pain at one time or another.

Cam was not able to read the inserted micro SD card

How do you know? do you get this message from the events page?

Have you tried playback from Live View?
Did you go to advanced setting> Manage Micro SD and see if the cam is recording?