Wyze Cam v4 Ideas

I’m already actively considering 4k PoE wired cameras with local storage. 1080p is not adequate anymore. 4K resolution blows away 1080p.

I’m totally fine to do hardwiring in my residence to get higher res for this upgrade if needed.

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The technology to transfer 4K or even 8K is already widely available in the form of Wifi 6 (wireless) or gigabit ethernet (wired). Hence, what needs to happen here now is Wyze focusing in continuous development of their cameras to be a top player instead of catching up with the market a couple of years later. Naturally, I would expect that a Wyze 4K camera would have solved the audio-video sync issues at playback, the current impossibility to access the SD card remotely to download any file, and enhanced audio recording as the current audio quality of the V2 cams is less than poor.

Why don’t you come out with a 4K version of your cameras? The more detail the better, especially when used for home security!


I too am happy with the 1080 P but now I need 4K the police can not do face recognition on the suspect that stole my car because 1080p is too grainy. 1080 is great to alert us that people are around 4k is great to record the details so the police can catch the bad guys.


POE or ethernet. I don’t mind a little bigger size to have the RJ45 port at the back.

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Haha PoE means Power over Ethernet. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can have ethernet without PoE, but can’t have PoE without ethernet. Honestly if they were going to cram an RJ45 in there (I’ve opened them, they are PACKED), it would definitely need to be bigger. Probably significantly, especially since they’d also need to add more capacitors and voltage regulators to go from 48v, which is what PoE runs, to 5v. Would still be fantastic, so a single cable from a PoE switch could handle data and power. It would be more flexible IMO as well since you can run PoE for 100m (can be even farther with inline PoE injectors / repeaters) and wouldn’t need something like a power brick and an outlet somewhere nearby the camera, or a built in battery.

Yes but those technologies are far more expensive. Remember Wyze’s mission is to bring these products to us at an affordable price. The processing & storage required for 4K and 8K is significantly higher than 1080p (by an order of magnitude and more), and therefore literally every component would need to be replaced with a far more powerful (and therefore more expensive) component, from the camera sensors, to the processor, to the wifi chip itself and / or the addition of ethernet. Basically they’d need an entire new SoC.

The cheapest 4K camera module I can find alone costs as much as a wyze cam outdoor with base station:

And an 8K camera module is $275:

I agree that this would be awesome, but something I’d much rather see before all that is a timeline in the app, not this list of event videos that is near impossible to find the event you need, having to click each one individually, scroll through, back out, next one… very very tedious.

Don’t know others’ personal budget,

if Wyze can have a 4k PoE based cam for like $50-$60 I’ll consider it (hopefully a bit better price when on sale).

Wyze Cam v3 is already $35 now on Amazon (non-sale price).

PoE removes the need for the micro USB power connection.

Another idea is to be able to do local HD recording for PoE connection, then I don’t need the SD card slot that should free up some space and data is more secure.

Wze doesn’t have a flat rate Plus subscription for multi-cams that’s one thing I’m looking for before I’d want to switch over.

Wyze cam that’s 4k quality with the color night vision

It wpuld be great to see a wyze camera with 4k quality to help reduce grain and low night quality and have a smoother viewing experience!

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4k Wyze Indoor/Outdoor Cam with v3 night vision

Please create an indoor/outdoor 4k Wyze Cam with v3 night vision, with local flash drive storage too. Given your previous reasonable prices, I believe you’d reach a market that is in need. Thank you.

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30fps V3 cam Pro

I wish Wyze would increase the amount of frames per seconds on the V3 pro.
15fps seems not enough to capture movements on the v3 pro.
Assuming most people would buy v3 pro to use as an outside camera, make sense to increase the fps on the camera to capture more movimento details.

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V3 Pro Power Entry Re-Design to prevent water intrusion

I love all the features and resolution of the V3 Pro camera… the only physical problem I have is the power entry of the new camera is unlike the V3 standard and has.

I’ve already had one camera fail due to water damage through this poor design. Others appear to as well V3 Pro - water intrusion - #10 by jdawson.nf

This is an excellent camera, I just don’t think the ones I bought are going to last long-term because of this fatal design flaw.

I had this same problem… In my case the camera is mounted right-size up, and I have a drip loop with the power cable before entry… However, I think since this version of the camera does not have the separated power cable / pigtail off the back with additional rubberized protection for the Micro USB connection, water came in that way. Camera repeated ready to connect, I paired it, it might stay active for an hour or so and died. I brought it indoors and put it in a sealed container with rice for a week, and put it over a furnace grate so it would get some warm air, that did not help.

Wyze did replace it under warranty, but I think there’s a fatal flaw with the power delivery of this camera compared to the other outdoor rated models… I would suggest a redesign on the power cable entry. Eventually the warranty of the unit will expire and Wyze won’t replace it… Please improve the design of power entry to the V3 Pro.

Sealing it off almost certainly made it worse; moisture had nowhere to go…

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4k video option and PoE power option.

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fisheye camera. see it all at once and then with AI pull various flat views including panorama view from one video stream. Similar to Doorbell Pro but with wider range.


That’s the 360 concept that they already do that is patent. I believe Kodak holds the patents and designs on the 360 and you know how much everyone has to pay a third party to make their technology work. If not 360 videos would have been everywhere if it was open source. Too many greedy people in this world are the cause of technology being held back, Wyze is a great company with affordable technology, they are trying to be that company that doesn’t hold back the rest of the technological world.

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