Wyze Cam v4 Ideas

That’s the 360 concept that they already do that is patent. I believe Kodak holds the patents and designs on the 360 and you know how much everyone has to pay a third party to make their technology work. If not 360 videos would have been everywhere if it was open source. Too many greedy people in this world are the cause of technology being held back, Wyze is a great company with affordable technology, they are trying to be that company that doesn’t hold back the rest of the technological world.

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Wow. I forgot about this old zombie post. It dies but keeps coming to life. Odd that long ago this thread was labeled “v4” before we had a v3.


Naw, not prophetic…Yes, this post was created before we had the V3’s in hand, but it was after the announcement of the V3 and descriptions of everything the V3 included. The V3 was announced 10/27/2020 and this thread was created in response to that 5 days later with suggestions for what to add for future versions after that. So I wouldn’t call it prophetic as much as people wanting more stuff added to a future version. :slight_smile:

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FWIW, the founders told us that they could expand to add a super wide angle (fish lens) to the OG line if people were interested in it.

if you guys like this stack camera system we can expand this one to 5x, 7x, super wide angle, macro lens, maybe thermal, who knows

So far, you’re the only person besides me I’ve seen comment about this interest. I think it would be awesome. I’d also like Thermal.


Thanks for the correction. November 2020 seems so long ago.


Sure it is… They make solar panels for it

Alright, I created a Wishlist for other Lenses on the OG that we can vote on here:

There is a poll at the bottom for which lens people are most interested in. You can select the option titled: “Super/Ultra wide-angle lens [Fish-eye] (see close to 180 degrees)”

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I seriously doubt they can do thermal with just a lense. I have a FLIR and the internals are different from any camera I’ve ever seen.


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A FLIR plug-in for The Wyze cam would be great. A friend of mine worked on FLIR in the Navy. I am sure they have improved the technology since then. I could use FLIR in a Wyze Dash Cam…

Correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like on the Wyze site they are calling the Wyze Cam OG & OG Telephoto the Wyze Cam V4.

No. In fact, in the AMA event they held for the OG cams, Wyze Cofounder, Dongsheng, discussed a possible V4 coming out in the future. Here is the context:



I totally agree with you on the OG. Could be a mis-informed Wyze marketing webmaster that put v4 on this link.

Can you take a screenshot of it for me? When I go to that link on my Laptop and run a search for “v4” it tells me there is nothing saying v4 anywhere on the page. I’d like to report it to Wyze, but I can’t find it.

Look at the upper left square. Viewing this page on an iPad Pro Safari browser.

Interesting. For me it just says “OG Bundle”. Tried it on an iPhone with Safari too. I agree it sounds like an overaggressive marketer issue.

I also note with disdain that Wyze has joined the “throw up an auto play video popup on every page” club now. :frowning:

I took the screenshot on an iPad Pro using Safari and not logged in on the Wyze site. Using Firefox Private Browsing I see just OG Bundle. I just discovered using Firefox with Private Browsing off I see the v4 screenshot above.

Excellent list. I’m not skilled in these cams, so my comments may not be artful. At least five additions/commets:

• Ship within one week
• Have option of separate power adapter (transformer and cord included inn purchase) OR POE.
• Night vision at least as good as the WyzeCam V3
• Retain two way audio
•.Have >10 second capture prior to motion activated clip

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Outdoor VR style 360 CAM

It would be nice to have an outdoor VR style 360 panoramic camera with all wyze features. No one is making on like this for home security.

2k Telephoto Camera

The OG Telephoto is okay but would benefit greatly from an increase in resolution. Especially for anyone that uses the cameras for nature observation. I’d like to see the V3 Pro 2K with a Telephoto lens.

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Create WYZE Cam v3 variant with short focal length

The WYZE Cam v3 has it’s focal length set too far for use monitoring things close up like aquariums or doing time-lapse on seedlings, monitoring hummingbird feeders, windows boxes or any number of things where being in close is required. There are a lot of DIY mods to the WYZE Cam v3 to open it up and adjust the focal length, but that usually compromises the water proofness of the unit. There’s even a DYI kit sold on Etsy to modify the WYZE Cam v3 to make the focal length adjustable without reopening the unit, but again the waterproofness is compromised. Wyze came out with a telephoto version of the WYZE Cam v3. I would bet there’s a market for a version of this product that does close-up work (ideally w/o the pincushion distortion of the fish eye).

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