Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Plug Outdoor, Wyze Sense Hub, and Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station Updates - 4/25/22

Firmware updates today for Cam V3, outdoor plugs, Wyze hub. Half of my cams did not come back online. I had to manually power on/off to bring them on line. All outdoor plug updates failed once and finally took on a second attempt.

BIG ISSUE: Wyze hub after firmware update shows no internet connection. All devices show online but will not function. Reset did not work. I deleted the hub and reinstalled new and connect 12 of my sensors. On the 13th sensor the hub stops responding. Tried a second time with the 13th sensor being different and same result. Third time reinstalled hub and 12 sensors. All show active but tried the keypads and they are not responding. Check hub device info and no internet shown. All other devices (not using the hub) are working fine on the wifi. Tried reset numerous times with no luck. The hub does not show offline just won’t communicate with the devices. I am once again without a security system. Third time this has happed. Last time Wyze sent me a replacement hub that worked just fine until this firmware update.

Ticket created and log sent. I’m just fed up with the instability of such an important lifeline system. If you are going to be in the security business, get your [mod edit] together!!

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