Wyze cam V3 stuck on solid red light

there is no return option in amazon after few days, I dont see any other way to return it, through amazon

What is Amazon Canada’s return policy? in the US it is at least 2 weeks. Used to be a month. I don’t know what Wyze policy is since opening Canadian orders, but that would be interesting too. There is typically a 1 year warranty.

30 days. If bought after Nov 1st than Jan 31st last day. They always seem to increase it during Xmas.

If crossing the border is possible you can get your cam replaced under warranty by Wyze by having them send the replacement at a temporary US address close to the border which is what Border Mail Depot is all about.

If you can’t cross the border then you can get BorderMailDepot to ship to you for a fee (the shipping is not worth it for just one cam).

So you are not totally out of option. But yeah you can forget Amazon though. And indeed until Amazon Canada becomes an official reseller I would suggest avoiding their Wyze products.

In the states is 1 full year in canada in amazon.ca 2 months, my cam broke down in 4 months. Only home depot and another store are authorize sellers in canada.

Google Wyze warranty is clear

They ask for the proof of purchase that show my address in BC, it was purchased in amazon.ca does not allow me to return it

I use the mail in blaine many times i live 15 mins from there, but the invoice shows Canadian purchase from an non authorized seller “amazon.ca”

Home Depot and Petsmart are the two authorized resellers other than Wyze themselves but even then no matter from which you buy in Canada the 1 year warranty doesn’t apply unless you are willing to cross the border and proceed with RMA there.

The reason I mention BorderMailDepot is because I did it myself by the way…

Yes you must provide your infos and receipt but for delivery you can get it sent to an address in the USA and then cross the border to get it there. Just ask.

Thanks for the update i was planning to buy another one from home depot as an authorize seller, but now, I don’t know.

Now is too much hassle crossing the border.

Firmware (https://download.wyzecam.com/firmware/v3/demo_wcv3_4.36.7.22.zip) has been released and adresses some bugs… Which bugs? Who knows.

I guess I will update my one camera that is up to date and that I guess is just waiting to go offline any time soon.

We will see how that update affects the camera in a good or bad way.

This firmware update bricked my V3, so I joined the Solid Red Light Club :slight_smile:

Try reverting back to version below. A few of my broken with .22 came back with this release. (March 29, 2021)

  • Added microSD card status reporting to the app

  • Added support for siren control in Rules

  • Fixed a Spotlight recognition bug when the WiFi signal is weak

  • Added Spotlight debugging information to logs

  • Improved the Spotlight update process

  • Spotlight motion detection now uses the camera motion detection setting

Damn. So I am not in the clear. Oh well. We will see how long my updated cam survives.

I bought a W3 today in home depot canada, no problem for return it without major issues.

Is working like it should

What do you mean return… Can you clarify?

I ask before i bought it about warranty, the told me replacement would not be an issue, you take the broken one, exchange it for a new one, if is within 2 months, if is more time probably more complicated

Thank you for the info! Good to know for everyone of us who is living in an igloo! Lol!

I’ve read through all of these comments and tried all of the suggestions. If attempting to flash 280 won’t work, is that the last option?

I don’t work with electronics so this may be my own ignorance, I just can’t believe that no one has come up with another solution.

Welcome in our very select club.

As far as I can tell based on interaction with technical support when the cams V3 brick there is not much you can do other than properly/responsibly dispose of them.

My guess is that there must be a way of bringing the cam back by writing directly on what appears to be some kind corrupted rom and only reason why Wyze doesn’t do so is because it costs more to fix the broken cams (shipping, man power, time…) then simply ship a new one.

UPDATE: One of my cam v3 with stock firmware gave me signs that it may be on a giving up leg

Dude!!! Same with mine!! 128gb card from MicroCeter. Maybe that’s it!